Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On blogging

It has been SEVEN years since I started writing here. This place has seen me grow or so I would like to believe. In these last seven years I have changed A LOT, going through different phases of life. Can be divided precisely into 4 parts in this blog- Graduation phase in Pune, B-school phase in Bangalore, first job phase in Bangalore and now the living-alone phase in Delhi. My very first post here was in February 2008. It was on Valentine’s day :) Just a little observation.

Before this whole blogging thing had come into my life, I used to write in a diary- very filmy ‘Dear Diary’ style. I even gave a fictitious name to my diary, like a fictitious (male) friend. Ahem, very corny, I don’t want to think about that now. I still like filling pages in pretty notebooks (I love stationery by the way!), but it is not addressed to anyone anymore. My mom still has ALL those diaries stored in one section of the cupboard at home, starting from when I was thirteen or fourteen. . .the early teens when I would write about school stuff and crush stuff and teacher stuff and growing up stuff. Writing was one constant thing all through my growing up.

I feel like burning those pages when I read them sometimes when I go home. It is so sentimental and dramatic and childish and there are so many language errors! Makes me cringe! But my mom tells me that I should keep it, that it would be good fun to read it when I grow old- but I don’t think so. I will only feel embarrassed reading things that I’d rather forget. And then she says that my kids when they reach that age may enjoy reading them. . . haha, basically she is preserving my diaries for her grandchildren :P But I have a different way of looking at it. The only reason I have not destroyed those diaries and older posts of this blog (some posts I have! they were really ridiculous!) is because I have a premonition that I am going to suffer from  Alzheimer's disease when I get old- I know it is weird, but I have this great fear of memory loss, I think one day I will get up and forget everything- how scary is that!

So my blog and all those diaries will come in handy that time. To understand myself all over again. One hell of a situation that would be. ~imagining a pretty 80 year old wrinkly S, trying to read through thick glasses~ which reminds me am scared of being old also. Ha! Fears Fears! Stop already, Peterpan. Getting old reminds me of that movie I watched recently- Love in the time of Cholera. It is based on a book written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a stunning Colombian writer. I have bought that book, will read soon. I like how he names his books. One of his books I read is called- Memories of my Melancholy whores :) isn’t that beautiful? Another one is called Hundred years of Solitude. I am yet to read those two books. I am reading a lot of books these days! There is so much to read! I am on a reading trip these days. And there are so many TV shows to be watched. I haven’t completed GOT :-O and I have been itching to watch House of Cards. Such dilemmas :D I am catching up on movies from time to time, and I think Wolf of Wall Street was pretty good. Which reminds me.. ( every thought leads to another, I am gonna stop soon, promise)..I was asked the proverbial ‘Sell this pen to me’ on my very first job interview at the B-school, one where I failed miserably and this blog saw me rant like a baby!

Ha! Feels so good. It had been a while since I did a random post. Much needed break from all those posts that left me sighing (not exactly in a good way). Haha. How are y’all ?

P.S: I love blogging! Just saying :)