Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love to cry

Now this post may sound unusual. But well, I am a little like that :P
Yes, I love to cry. Tears have always been connoted with sorrow and tragedy. And there have been so many poems written and dialogues penned in movies to say how tears emote grief. And I don't really beg to differ. When I say I love to cry, I mean it in the very archetype way it is perceived by people at large. And it is weird I know.

Be it a sappy movie or poignant words in a book, I just love to cry. As a matter of fact, I'd rate my affection for something or someone based on how much I have cried for/on it. Like for example, the recent movie Guzaarish couldn't evoke a single tear off my chest (I KNOW... a very bad example :D). Now that means..somewhere it did not strike a chord with me, and the movie is meh! Like... I did not cry? That's my reaction!

Similarly, if I write something and my mom cries after reading it.. I actually feel very good. And it's not sadism, mind you. It's just me :P

Not only this, I cry even at accomplishments.. Like if I see a really really awesome dance or some one singing superb and know how much hard work has gone into it, I tend to shed tears.. If someone bounces back from failure, I cry.. all this out of happiness of course..

So I am like this tear vending machine.. but I don't cry in public.. and in case that happens, I at least don't howl and cry like I usually would.. (ok that's an exaggeration, people) In public, I cry like a lady ;) .. with warm tears kissing my cheeks.. and a straight sober face..

I would call myself an extremist I think, coz as much I can cry over a fall of a hat, I am a laugh riot all the same. Ok perhaps not laugh. But quite the smiling kinds :) heeheee.. :D (am sure you must have noticed the deluge of smileys in all my posts and comments) :) haaa... there you go again :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dil to baccha hai ji !!

I have some awesome blogger friends who write such interesting posts that I get all perked up to write on similar lines. One such interesting post is that by Pepper on childhood misconceptions :) it is a cute innocent post of a kid mind, please go ahead and enjoy it!

Here goes my list :)

1. My father happens to be an M. Pharm person. He used to work in Dabur as a production manager when I was about 6 years old. And the curious person that I was (am!!) I would stick around listening to my father talk to his office colleagues or at times even accompanying him to office during my summer break. For many years, I thought my dad was doing something 'wrong' and 'illegal', and would fear that he'd get caught one day. Reason? He used to deal with DRUGS!!! And the new car and the new house, only reaffirmed my thoughts that my father is doing illegal things :P

2. Being the pampered one in the family, I have always lived a very protected life. As a child, therefore, I was very scared of losing my family. I was scared of deaths and would cry endlessly just thinking about it. I still remember the time when I found out that everybody dies eventually. I was shocked to know that and confirmed it from my mother to finally accept it. Before that, I thought only bad people die. Good and kind people live. Now that equation is so simple!

3. Talking about that, I always thought that doctors or lawyers get their money only if they are able to cure the patient or win the case (respectively)

4. Like all kids know :P I always knew that babies are born from the stomach as doctor operates on it! The stretch marks on the tummy were quite an evidence.

5. My mom would always discard the clothes I would have outgrown saying,''these clothes have become small (for you)" and I would take it too literally assuming that the clothes are getting smaller day by day and hope that they'd fit my doll one day! :)

6. My sister is almost six years elder to me, which is a huge age gap and 'understanding' gap when you are watching television together. We'd be watching some funny act together, and my sister would start laughing 'understanding' the joke, while I'd be sitting dumbfounded looking at her. And I'll ask,"you got the joke?" She would be in a dilemma... coz if she says 'yes' then she'd have to explain the joke to the-six-year-younger-me and if she says 'no' I'd ask WHY she was laughing! I was quite irritating that way :P So my sister never liked watching TV when I was around, which basically meant that I was thrown out of the room :)

7. As a kid I was always confused wondering who was the elder one between my mom and my dad :) Dad looked tall and big, and went out to he must be the elder one..but mom would scold dad and me, and we listened to her all the time..then she must be the elder one...
:P Who's the boss?

These are the few that come to my mind as of now... but the inquisitive kid that I was (yes, I am that kid who asked a lot of questions!! :P) I am sure I had a lot of misconceptions :)

Thanks Pepper..for letting me revisit my childhood :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding awesomeness

I love weddings. Haven’t been to many; perhaps that is the reason why it stirs so much excitement into me. All the people in my family and clan tied their knots when I was too young to understand matrimony. The only weddings I have enjoyed and ooh-aah ed over are the filmy weddings. How my smile stays stuck when I watch Hum Aapke Hain Kaun! :D And how I go gaga over wedding pictures of all celebrities or people I know. I love going through wedding albums.

And now I have a first hand experience of it all. Not my wedding, duh! My sister’s wedding. I have been super excited about it all along. Also because it was my only chance to enjoy bengali weddings, soaking myself in all the pleasures vicariously.
Although in my heart I was a little sad that I won’t be enjoying any of that in my wedding, I think I made up for it by having whole lot of fun anyways. For the uninitiated, my boyfriend is Christian. And though bengali weddings are extremely pretty to say the least, honestly I don’t think I want one anymore. And well, Christian weddings seem quite splendid anyway (from all the rom-coms I devour :P)

Coming back to my sister’s wedding… I was almost like a guest there since I reached home only 2 days prior to the wedding. But I made up for it by staying back for a few days after the wedding. Tee hee J The wedding in totality was quite a long affair thanks to all the hundred customs that we have. But it was so much fun. Some customs were outright infuriating and the feminist in me was yelling inside.  Like there was a custom where the groom’s mother would ask her son (this is before the baraat starts off for the venue), “Where are you going, son?” And the son has to reply, “I am going to get a slave for you, mother.” I was shell shocked when I heard this. I, as a representative from the bride’s family, had gone to escort the groom to the venue. I was really dumbfounded. R (my sister’s husband) is a sweetheart really, but such customs are just so downright offensive!

But overall… getting married is awesome :P especially with all the attention (and the gifts) that you get :D

Speaking about R, he is one gem of a person. Everybody who has met him in my family has loved him instantly. Right from elders to the irritating adolescents, he just gets along with everybody. That amazes me no end and I’m really happy that he’s fitted in so well with the fabric of our family. Before I even met him, I had had a bigggg argument with him :P (on gtalk :P) but things are brilliant between us now and he’s like a big brother I never had. Happy happy.

P.S: Guess what, it has not even been a month since my sister’s wedding, and my mom is being informed about suitable matches for her younger daughter. Very flattering I must say ;)