Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How is married life treating you?

Hello you!

Guess what, I got married. It's been about 2 months. I did a lot of window shopping for my groom before I made my mind and said This is It.

Everybody has been asking me - so how is married life treating you? This is the new conversation starter. And if you know me well, you can guess that I hate this question. I would rather answer to - how are you treating your married life? Hehe.

I am holding betal leaves like a traditional Bengali bride. They said I was one of the most non-shy,
talkative brides they had ever seen! Ahem!
I feel I am caught in a whirlwind since I got married. As soon as I came back from my two week long wedding (which did not include a honeymoon), I started travelling for work. For almost an entire month I was on wheels. I have never handled so much work at the same time. And now I also have 'homework'. There are just so many things to do at home. Buying furniture, buying curtains, getting a wifi, getting a gas connection, getting things repaired, finding a household help, getting the newspaper, finding a presswala, getting a locker for the newly acquired jewellery . . . the list is never-ending and BORING. 

Life has still not come into routine. And all the items in the list have not been ticked yet. So how am I treating my married life? I am taking baby steps. I am not letting it have its way. I am making sure I breathe. I am making sure that I catch up on the latest season of House of Cards. I am making sure I read books and watch plays. I am making sure I lose senses sometimes. I am making sure that when I travel for work, I also do stuff that can go on my travel blog. I am making sure I do things that make me happy.

And now I also wrote a blog post. So yay!