Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't want to ruin it with a post title

It's been quite some time since I posted something. Not because I had nothing to say. Mundaneness of my life always gives me things to talk about. Even if that means I crib. But it's time I posted something sensible on my blog, considering my dwindling readers. And my waning interest in blogging.

I have this 'Creative Planning' module in my Advertising course where I am given a H.W. (I like the sound of home work :P better than assignments). And the Oh-so-awesome creative person that I am, I just can't think of anything for my H.W. The task is simple. I have to make 3 ads on "Obeying traffic rules". It is simple. But there is a catch. The teacher gave us a proposition on which we have to work (which actually makes it simpler, but difficult at the same time) The proposition is-- ok whatever, I am spending a lot of time on trivial things. This is going to be a Serious post!

Yea so. For this assignment when I started looking at stuff online- I found this heart wrenching story of a girl named Jacqueline who survived a major major road accident which was a case of drunken driving. I had briefly come across this story a few years back, but never really bothered digging deep. Today when I read through all the related matter available online, I was disconcerted. 

Jacqueline is almost as old as I am. And the kind of predicament she's been through doesn't even compare to what we crib about in our daily life. We lament for a bigger house, a better boss, a slimmer figure, a fatter salary, a longer holiday- what we fail to notice are the gifts we are already blessed with. And I am definitely guilty! I whine a great deal of things not going right in my life. And to tell you the truth, I guess it is deliberate denial. I don't like reading newspapers, I don't like listening to news. It only brings distress to my life. And seldom when I do read newspaper, my day turns out very bad. Like today, I read a news article on eve teasing in Kerala. And it infuriated me to no end. I kept thinking about that.

I found a clip on youtube where Jacqueline talks about enduring through the ups and downs of life. And though I know, I may forget all of this in a few days, and live my mundane life and crib and dream and hope and fall and rise and smile and hop and cry and whine and live... 
...for now I feel totally blessed and indebted for all I have in my world.

Monday, September 13, 2010

O Advertising!

End of a marathon weekend. 
I had been yearning for a long holiday, and when I finally got one I became all the more lazy. I am not looking forward to another Monday and more assignments.
So what did I do this holiday?
I indulged in a lot of introspection. Off late I have become this grumpy person. The only solace is the phonecalls from home when I somehow get detached from this carnivorous world around me. So this weekend I spent a lot of time with myself doing nothing. I stayed perched on my bed all through. Got up only to go to the mess. 

I want college to get over. And how much ever you say that I am going to look back at these days and sigh and long to get back, right at this moment I only want the time to fly. And I really hope what lies ahead is better than present.

Things I did-
This weekend I listened to a lot of Dave Matthews band- on repeat.
I did another post on my new blog. Here. You should check :) especially if you are from Bangalore. I caught up on reading. Online though. Watched a few ads I had missed off late. Browsed through advertising portals. Apart from that I stalked people on Facebook. Ok so now don't think I am this compulsive-lunatic-stranger-stalking woman coz I AM NOT. For my defence, I'd say am a curious woman :D. Anyways so this female who I was facebook stalking is a successful woman working in Advertising. I saw her picture in one of the news articles and wondered how old she was. And there it started. I facebooked her :) only to find that she was 40 :O when she looked so much younger. Her life looked dreamy- great career, great husband, great kids. Rosy hued. Everything just about perfect. And I got lost in my own fantasy land, imagining my future- whining about my crappy present- and mentally making a note of what I want in life.

I was 17 when I decided to make Advertising my career choice. And though I won't say I regret, I sure was naive. It was not the glamour (does it even exist?) of advertising, it was the excitement of creating ideas and the love for advertisements that hooked me. And I am still dazed. Advertising has now become a partner I am in a relationship with for past 5 years. 

And...I am dying to get married! 

In the course of my relationship I have been tempted to astray many a times, especially in the past one and half years when I came to understand the nuances of the industry. Before that- the first three years of our courtship, I was this loyal woman defending and representing Advertising where ever I went. But the deepest thought of infidelity came upon when I saw the glorious options of Brand Management, Media Research and Media planning in last one and half years considering the alluring pay package and freedom of work they offer. And though all these options are still connected to 'branding and advertising' per se, it is not really ADVERTISING, isn't it? 

And so being the faithful partner I shall stand by you, Advertising, come what may.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog warming :)

I created a new blog :)
Talking about something new :)

Please go to to know more :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wake me up when September ends..

When one thing goes wrong, everything else also starts going wrong. It is an avalanche effect. And it feels terrible to be under such a cascading effect, when you are continuously toppled over with one thing after another. Last ten days have been horrendous. And I don't see any speck of light even in the coming days.

Humiliation. Doubt. Arguments. Pain. Overload. Sleepless nights. Dissatisfaction. Insecurity.
And my birthday fell just in between all this pandemonium. Worst birthday ever.

22 hasn't started on the right note.

I have two resolutions this year- I have to learn to be patient. And optimistic.
I really need to.