Friday, September 26, 2008

:-) dats my breakfast...

Breakfast was never such a desired meal of the day…after twelve hours of ‘abstinence’, sight of a scrumptious breakfast is all my eyes and taste buds crave for.
Seven days….seven meals!
And out of the seven different dishes served to us, I have my favourite three-the three delicacies which work wonders for me.
Generally I take time to get ready for my class at 9:30, and so the time ‘left’ to eat gets reduced….n so, I might well runnnn from my hostel to my college to reach on time, BUT I can not miss my first meal. A kingsize breakfast is what I have when it’s one of my lucky days J
Also let me add, breakfast is the only part of the day when I eat happily (relative happiness, is what I mean)….LUNCH is always, without any exceptions, BAD and dinner can be good at times.
Anyways, my top three list includes: Uttapam. Idli. and bread Omlet. I have broken my own records several times in eating J and I am glad!!
A mouthful of fresh fried onions, a thick sweet- sour sambhar and an assorted paste of coconut chatni, with ofcourse a chunk of idli or a morsel of uttapam…
That’s how I, happily, believe it to be!! The cooks do mess up my favourite meals once in a while failing in their culinary arts, but…I humbly oblige..
By eating just the same way !!!

yum yum yummmmmm

Pizza Hut’s Ebony and Ivory- a big piece of chocolate cake with hot chocolate sauce over it, accompanied by a scoopful of vanilla ice-cream ; a delectable sight and an out of the world taste that lingers on your tongue as well as mind.
The melting warmth of the chocolate and the freezing sensation of the ice-cream takes you to the first monsoons when the first drop of rain hits the ground. The fragrance and the aura that surrounds and embellishes the moment take away all the ordeals of life.

It’s a beautiful blend of two extremes of the world. Each holds its own exquisiteness without overshadowing the beauty of other. They coexist melting into each other- one melts in cold and other melts in warmth. It’s that moment of total blend that you need to encroach on…coz that moment holds the virginity of each; and then in a split second they die in each others’ arms.