Monday, October 13, 2014

The October that I will remember forever :)

Oh..we are almost half way through October and I have not posted anything on this blog. I had decided ( of those resolutions) that this year I will write on my blog at least once every month. It has not been difficult so far : )

Well, I am in Europe. 

Yea, that sentence needed a separate paragraph. Haha. I am in Rome, to be precise. And I have already covered 6 cities and 3 countries in last 10 days. I am on my last leg of the trip. One more destination, three more days and then back to India. Thoughts of going back to REAL life are already messing up my euphoria of travelling.

But what a trip it has been so far! I had created a separate blog to capture my experience but unfortunately I have not been able to post much there. Walking around, seeing so many things, tons of thoughts floating in my mind. . .I really need time to gather everything together so that I make sense when I write :P Right now everything is a mishmash in my head. 

I have an early morning flight tomorrow. And my room is a wreck. I have to pack. Also I have to figure out maps and stuff for tomorrow's destination, and plan the day. 

This Euro trip was an experiment. . .with no set objectives. But plenty of inferences. And observations. Brace yourself for a LOT of posts in coming weeks :D

Ta! Hope everything is good on your side.

Leaving you guys with a picture of my favourite city in Europe :)