Thursday, February 14, 2008


today in the evening.....i ws online chatting n surfing here n dere....
my fren went offline...n i dint hav nethng t do nw....:-(
i used d tym effectively tho...:-)
i finalllllly created a blog for myself.....:-b
n so i am here....thanks t ma fren who left me n went offline !!



  1. After reading the "About me" details... I came here to see your first post. :) Really we all should thank that frnd of yours who went offline that day. :)
    Felt very happy to know that you are a left hander and same pinch for having changed 9 schools(for the same reason ofcourse).:)

  2. first comment on my first post !! :)
    U also changed so many schools?! :( Same pinch :)

    And am not a left hander..
    In my "about me" I said, "I am leftly right brained"

    In our brain, left side is for logic and reasons and ride side is for creativity and imagination. Generally people use either of the two sides more, and are called either Left brained or Right brained.
    I call myself Leftly right brained :P :)
    which means- I am logically creative :D

  3. Ohh that was really wonderful to know about the left and right sides of the brain. Actually i misunderstood it with Right side/Left side brain theory. In medical terminology they say left handers are right side brained(they mean right half will be bigger and more functional) and vice versa for right handed people.
    Now after reading your explanation i'm getting a new point in my brain. Doesn't your theory also change with respect to left and right handed people? :)
    Actually i like left handed people a lot as their writing style their way of doing things fascinates me.

    By the way bunking classes is not good thing. :P

    ***Eyes rolling and thinking---How many times have I bunked? I was an expert in bunking :)...Now conveying wise words to a poor young student???
    --So what? At least I'm trying to convey something good which i never followed when I was studying :)***


I love hand-written notes :)