Friday, September 26, 2008

:-) dats my breakfast...

Breakfast was never such a desired meal of the day…after twelve hours of ‘abstinence’, sight of a scrumptious breakfast is all my eyes and taste buds crave for.
Seven days….seven meals!
And out of the seven different dishes served to us, I have my favourite three-the three delicacies which work wonders for me.
Generally I take time to get ready for my class at 9:30, and so the time ‘left’ to eat gets reduced….n so, I might well runnnn from my hostel to my college to reach on time, BUT I can not miss my first meal. A kingsize breakfast is what I have when it’s one of my lucky days J
Also let me add, breakfast is the only part of the day when I eat happily (relative happiness, is what I mean)….LUNCH is always, without any exceptions, BAD and dinner can be good at times.
Anyways, my top three list includes: Uttapam. Idli. and bread Omlet. I have broken my own records several times in eating J and I am glad!!
A mouthful of fresh fried onions, a thick sweet- sour sambhar and an assorted paste of coconut chatni, with ofcourse a chunk of idli or a morsel of uttapam…
That’s how I, happily, believe it to be!! The cooks do mess up my favourite meals once in a while failing in their culinary arts, but…I humbly oblige..
By eating just the same way !!!


  1. your taste buds are getting quite a rub should ask the likes of me who live on stoopid daal makhni and blah for 5 years... :P

    Scribblers Inc.

  2. Oh that was a finger licking piece of writing :D


I love hand-written notes :)