Thursday, April 8, 2010

Littil phevar :P

Cant believe am doing this. But doing I am!!
Mixing my personal life with my professional one.
Cant help it. So all you people out there. Kindly do me this little favour :)

Answer this:

"Chinese flavoured chips???" Good idea? Bad idea?

First day of internship and they ask me to do a little research. And I make use of my saviours Facebook and Blogger. People kindly reply in BULK. Get your friends to reply too :P

Thank u so much. More on the internship soon!


  1. haha...if only i knew..n if only my boss had such clarity of thought :P
    it is just Chinese flavoured potato chips. that's about it :)

    So good idea, bad idea? Do u warm up to such a thing?

    P.S: Good to see you here :) and thanks for helping me out with help ok :P !!

  2. What is this????
    nobody is replying :(

  3. just came here so this might be a suuuuuper late reply...but it depends on ur target market right?? the only good market i think something like this would sell would be one where there are a lot of chinese people?!

    i dunno...just a did the assignment go anyways??

  4. Haha...
    The question was whether YOU warm up to the idea of Chinese flavoured chips :P
    I completed the assignment- but it's not been evaluated yet :)

  5. what on earth are chinese flavored chips? n no i ain't gonna google them!

  6. i knw !! sad assignment they gave me and never evaluated...hmph..!!!!! :-/


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