Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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F@#$% off, girl. You have no right to be angry really. Learn to be a little more mature. Stop over reacting!

Well that was for my current roommate who’s way too unreasonable for me to be able to live with her. I am here for one month and she has already picked up fights twice. The first time I totally ignored, but she’s a tad too cranky. I gave her a piece of my mind this time and walked off without listening to her. Why should I take her shit! And she better not talk to me after this. I have another ten days to go, and she better mind her business.
And she wants to enter the PR industry. Bollocks. That’s the reason why you are not getting a job, you know you bi$&%! *all the abuses I know*

Anyways, let me revel in the goodness of today :)
Today was one of those easy going days. Last night was terrible with a marathon power cut. And mosquitoes. It was a stormy evening which followed that dreary night. I had nothing to do in the candle-less dark night.
On Friday Ankur, the boss, assigned one day to each intern and asked them to make a speech for HALF AN HOUR on any topic of our choice. What the heck, half an hour! And Monday was my turn.
My weekend was ruined. All I thought was about the topics I could speak on. And who the hell makes a speech for half an hour. I was so irritated. I had one awesome weekend despite all the ‘pressure’. Weekend is a different story altogether. I had whole lot of fun with my friends. Had the most awesome-est dinner and breakfast; and that calls for another blog post :)

Yea so coming back to the point. Half an hour of me talking on ONE topic. Hahaha. I thought of so many different things that I could speak about but nothing seemed convincing enough. And then after thinking a lot I finally pinned down one subject on which I could talk at lengths. And yet not sound very serious and boring.

I spoke about my childhood experience of moving from one city to another and how I absolutely hated it. Of the days I cried and despised my dad’s job; and how at the end of it all I am not so angry anymore, and how it has actually helped me to evolve as a person taking bits from every place I’ve lived in, and how that is a strength being in the advertising industry.

It was not a half an hour long speech. But I guess I could keep the audience glued to what I was speaking. And that is what was important. I enjoyed every moment of that when I did not know what my next word is going to be. I just spoke. At random. And made complete sense. And in a matter of few minutes it was over. I was relieved.

I am not too fond of public speaking, especially when I am asked to speak. I was a bundle of nerves since the morning for that one ten minutes which passed by rather easily.

I love that feeling when all the eyes are on me and the only voice I can hear is mine. People listening intently like slowly getting drenched with every word I am saying. And that smile that says I have touched a chord somewhere. I absolutely love that feeling.

Before making the speech I could not stop grumbling about my boss’ idea. But I am glad I spoke. That feeling I love.

P.S: I don't abuse all that much ;) that girl just took it too far


  1. whoa...some start there 2 the post...kinda gave the feeling that its gonna be a complete rant :)

    i detest public speaking especially when i'm told in advance...over the years i have realized that i do well when its extempore.

  2. thot at the start tat its gonna be nother usual bitchy story...watay diversion..
    yup..travel n place hoppin profoundly molds ones persona n th xperiences it brings makes 4 wonderful listening!!:)

  3. @ Blunt:
    Welcome back to my blog you *abuses abuses*
    I want an explanation for your absence in the blogosphere!

    :) :)
    I sooo hate public speaking really :P But extempore is not my cuppa tea either :)

  4. @ Vishwamithran:
    I am full of surprises,no? :)

    P.S: Good to see you. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. like your style! thanks for the gyan on natural ice creams. will check it out if im near one. also mightily impressed by the fact that you're the first Indian female blogger that I've come across who used the word bollocks. Bravo !

  6. ahem..never expected a bravo for that..
    That's the only thing that impressed you?!


    P.S: Thanks for dropping by :) Welcome here.

  7. Interesting incidence! :)
    Ur style of writing is cute. I enjoyed reading this post.
    Public speaking makes one nervous.

  8. I was wondering wht topic u were going to choose and when it came, was just apt.
    I have this fear abt standing alone & speaking with all eyes on me....glad u carried it off with panache:-). Kudos!!!

  9. A half an hour speech is difficult. But the point is that you cant mug up a half hour speech, you have to speak spontaneously which is what your boss was probably looking for. And its amazing that you could do it. Nice choice of topic btw.

    And yeah that was a cute PS :P


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