Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The roar.

Just because the Lion has not roared yet doesn’t mean he’s not a Lion really. He is a Lion. A mighty one at that. The majesty of the jungle. And when time comes he will roar and swoop and do what he’s meant to do in his life. But why is he waiting? What indolence? The foxes and the elephants are doing their tricks. What if the Lion doesn’t get the chance to pounce and command his worth? What if he ends up living all his life under the highness of the morons of the jungle? Why doesn’t he roar?


  1. First of all - Nice background :)

    And do you really think he is a Lion!! I don't think's the Lion's nature to roar AND bite if he sees any danger to himself or if he senses someone is trying to enter his territory. He can't just sit and wait - he can't afford to do that. He believes on the "survival of the fittest" philosophy.

    Lion never waits for others to give him a chance to pounce: he grabs the opportunity!!

    But, mind it, he will pounce only if he is hungry or if his position is being challenged in any way.

  2. Lions are known to be these lazy creatures who do not pounce and attack unless they are challenged- for whatever reason- food, enemies, lust..

    Point I was trying to make is, though he has not pounced 'yet', perhaps not challenged yet, that does not make him a Lion any lesser. He is still a Lion 'capable' of attacking and surviving.

    My question was- why is he so lazy?! :)

    P.S: Thanks :) My new new background :)

  3. The roar is not meant for all trivial issues. The lion shall roar when the time will come and when the issue becomes big enough :P

  4. I hope the issue doesn't become too gigantic for the lion :)


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