Saturday, September 21, 2013

All you need is Love

A post lying in my drafts caught my attention. Here it goes.

I don’t know whether I can say I have ever fallen in love with anybody. I love a lot of people in my life. And I adore them with different variations. But have I ever fallen in love? What is falling in love, exactly? How is it different from the deep deep love you feel for your closest friends, siblings, parents, niblings?

I don’t understand the ‘falling’ part of the love. How does that happen? I have that weird feeling in my stomach when someone I adore says something, and in my stomach there is a light airy feeling, a somersault, like for a micro second I feel the gravity pulling some strings down. Is that falling? What if you love someone, but don’t like them? Or the more common, like someone but not love them. 

Why can’t all of us be in love, and not be possessive or jealous of each other? As long as you love me, and I love you, it’s good. But that doesn't mean I stop you from loving someone else, and you stop me from loving another person. They in turn are in love with others. Why does sympathy, compassion, love, care, kindness need to be so selective and limiting? If only all of us understood the true meaning of love- of giving, and finding love in giving. Love should not be forceful. If you are not in love with a particular someone, even if he / she is, you don’t have to fall. It should be a mutually respected system. I think it is the beast called 'Expectations' which kills all the love.

I think animals have sorted this out the best. Are there rapes in animal kingdom? Have we really evolved then? All the advancements, technological and evolutionary, what is the point of all this? Ultimately it boils down to how you feel, isn't it? All the drama about power and strength, what does it give you? In the end, all you want is love; all you want is to be accepted for whatever you are inside.

Edited to add: Animals can be giant jerks
I found this article while randomly browsing stuff online, and I was so shocked and horrified and heart broken :(

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