Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I realized that I had not done the quintessential year-end post for 2013 which is quite a norm in blog world, and also my world- to look back at the year gone by and think what I was doing the previous year at exactly that moment, was I a different person? I think it is too late to reminisce about the year gone by and I must move on from ghastly 2013 which, let me go on record to say, was the most difficult year of my life till now. There were breathtaking beautiful ups and there were dismal downs, and the remaining moments in between were melancholic- which is what I would say defined my 2013. The year I turned 25. Being happy about little things, but sad in the big picture or being sad about little things but happy in the big picture. What choice would you make?

One of the happy things that happened in 2013 was getting my very first tattoo. I had been contemplating about it for a long time, the biggest challenge being the design. To find a design I could live with for the rest of my life, something meaningful and good looking, reflecting the point of time in my life and who I am. Not an easy task. Lo and behold, I did find the tattoo I was looking for. Dutifully and curiously I showed the design to my friends and family, and everybody loved it as much as I did.

This looks like five birds flying, but I like to believe that it is one bird shown in its flapping motion. The bird here is the symbol of freedom, the feeling of shedding all inhibitions, removing all shackles and flying free. The bird here is a swan, for me a metaphor of what I am, what I am becoming and what I want to be. With odd familiarity of the ugly duckling story, to me a swan stands for personal transformation, about seeing yourself in a new light and accepting yourself. This is not a superficial, cosmetic change but a change in heart, a change of mind, a change in the viewing lens with which I see the world.

Swans stand for fidelity and strong relationships, something I vehemently believe in. It also stands for spiritual awakening and grace.

I am thinking about the next tattoo now, but waiting for the ‘moment’.

P.S: I have not done PS in a long time, so.. hahaha
P.P.S: Please answer the quandary I placed in the beginning- Being happy about little things, but sad in the big picture or being sad about little things but happy in the big picture. What choice would you make? And no, you can’t be JUST happy. It is a choice, and you have to make that choice for me NOW!
*so demanding*
*giggles and vanishes*

P.P.P.S: *appears again* two blog posts one after another! what is up with me! :-o haha *poof*


  1. It’s a lovely tattoo you got for yourself. My first impression on looking the pic was of a flying pigeon but after reading I realised that it is a swan. Loved it a lot. (And I’m also happy because it is not a white swan ……It is finally a Black Swan… ;) :P)

    Even I’m searching for the right design for myself.

    And about the choice, If I were you I would have chosen “Being happy about little things, but sad in the big picture” But then there is a catch here. This decision needs a strong will power and great strength to accept/experience the “sad in big picture”. Believe me it demands you to be really really tough. Being there and having done, I’d like you to select the second option “being sad about little things but happy in the big picture.”

    P.S. … :D ….. Finally in the end what matters most is whether what is a bigger picture for you. Anyways I wish we had win-win decisions to make in practical world like being happy about little things and being happy in the bigger picture as well…

    1. Thank you :) :) :) and am really amused how you refer to my old posts that even I tend to forget..

      About the choices, well.. I wish there was a win-win situation in life. But despite all the sad and happy pictures...I am full of hope :) and that is what matters at the moment I guess.. Thanks for commenting Aasyaan.

  2. ohhhh looooove the tattoo!!! so adorable!! now ur just tempting me to get another one!!

    1. yes yes! get the next one!

      i am already planning on my next ;)


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