Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A trip to Bhutan, a travelogue

You guys are missing all the fun I am having on my travel blog. Come! Visit me no?

A couple of months ago, I visited Bhutan and stayed there for 2 weeks. I visited Thimphu, Wangdue, Haa and Paro. It was a beautiful experience. And you don't know anything about it, coz you have not read my travel blog ~furious~

So here, I am making it easy for you (click on the links):

Part 1 of the travelogue - I talk about my first impression of Bhutan, the highlights of the trip, and the account of the first two days in Thimphu.

Part 2 of the travelogue - I take you through Wangdue and Phobjika Valley Trail and tell you all about the Divine Madman of Bhutan.

Part 3 of the travelogue - I give you a glimpse of the annual cultural festival that takes place in Paro during spring time, called Paro Tshechu.

Come, see Bhutan through me! :) And there are loads of beautiful, breath taking, interesting pictures too!

Ok, enough hard selling, I know you'll come coz you love reading my posts, right? :D Heehee!


  1. Convinced! Clicking on the links. :)

    PS: You were missed.

  2. Bluntyyyyyy!

    YOU were missed.

  3. So this is what you have been upto all this time. I was wondering...

    1. Yes, yes, I have a separate travel blog now :) Come visit. Hope all's well at Hydeville.

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