Thursday, October 6, 2016

S turns 28 *sunshine*

My birthday post has never been so late. I have been struggling to write this post for so long. And now I am just going to complete this anyhow so that I can remove it from my to-do list.

Till last year, growing up was a lot of fun. Becoming independent etc. But this time, I was like a Peter Pan. Suddenly too many things are changing and I want to pause everything. Rewind and fast forward. Take a good look at Time.

I hate the responsibilities that come with growing up. All I can think of right now is turning 30 and then 32 and then 35 (cant look beyond that) and I shudder to imagine what lies ahead. Good things (too) I am sure, but it is daunting. And I am restless.

This year my birthday involved reading Calvin and Hobbes (he got me the ENTIRE collection) and coloring pictures (colouring book for adults, it has illustrated postcards of streets of Paris – it is lovely!). I brought in my birthday right after some personal and professional ‘turmoil’ and was not my usual chirpy self. But I behaved like a 5 year old that entire week (got my birthday gifts early- Amazon yayy!).

My birthday was the sunshine I needed to feel blessed.

So a happy happy birthday was had.

I miss this blog and I am going to be back soon. 


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  1. Happy birthday girl! :)
    I know exactly what you mean about turning 28 and not liking it. And the Calvin. And the colouring books. I think we need to meet!

  2. A very happy wala birthday to you!!

    -Princess Butter

  3. Ok, so im super duper late. But still.

    Happy happy birthday to you! And welcome to the club of 28 yr olds!

    You found such a fun way to celebrate! In your face, age, in your face.

    Have a fun and wonderful 29th year on this planet :)

  4. Trust me, you'll be happier being 28!

    Belated wishes for your birthday!

  5. Happy birthday S! (Very very very late, I know!)
    I'm on the other side of 30 now, so am allowed to forget things :P


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