Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blogging.. ab, yahan, aise!

I have been away for sometime now...and have a LOT OF unread posts! Please excuse me if I'm not able to comment on your blog timely :) You can now expect a deluge of comments from my side.

I have a clarification to make. My last post was a little misunderstood I guess :-|
I was trying to be witty and tell people how despite having all the reasons, I still couldn't blog...but.. people only understood my excuses and not the fun things I was upto..
Peooppppllleeeee... all the things that are mentioned in "When do people blog?" are the things that I did.. and not  my take on the subject :P So now please.. go ahead.. read that post again.. and come back here! After all I own a new awesome laptop now.. and have a piercing!! Don't you have things to say to me ;)

Will be back with a REAL post REAL soon!


  1. Wow piercing haahn.. cool...where where?? And yeah have fun with ur new lappy!! :)


  2. I thought you were shifting to WordPress. So this is a trailer for the upcoming sequel to your previous post! The real post would be eagerly awaited. :)

  3. wow piercing !Really cool .Thinking of hvng it frm a long time ;) .

  4. @ Sukanya:
    Thaaaaank u :) the piercing hurt like HELL.. but No pain, No gain right? :D

    @ Ajay:
    I think I have given up the idea.. :) One thing I really liked about WP was nested comments.. I realised I could get that here too.. u knw how to do it na?

    @ Neha:
    have it! totally worth it :P

    @ Blasphemous Aesthete:
    :D :) :D eh?

  5. Yeah it's quite easy. Go to Remember to choose 'loads faster but harder to install' option. It'd take just a few minutes to install and is easy. You're done! :)

  6. Lol! Nope. I totally got the edge in your last post! :D

  7. well at least the mis-understanding got u another 30 comments! :P

    where was the piercing???

    and how did u brilliantly manage to miss ur train? :P

  8. Yes yes where exactly is the piercing? Even u want to know. I also did something similar, got a permanent tattoo. :) Sounds good laptop too, how cool is that now!

  9. New laptop... Piercing... Where's the party tonight???

  10. oh it now both your posts again today....

    clearly, I am poor at understanding witty jokes..:(

  11. @ esha:
    Thanks :) will be really back soon ;P

    @ Preeti:
    Ha! Finally. Someone! :)

    @ Sunshine:
    haha.. i knw.. ;)
    yea.. that's a long story :( bottom line- Bangalore traffic and roads- Horrendous!

  12. @ Ria:
    aaaa.. thanks :) n the piercing is on my nose!

    ok people.. m sorry if u had these wacky imaginations abt the piercing :P

    @ Tanishka:
    Partayyyyyyyy ;) Where's it? :P

    @ AH:
    ahem.. since so many ppl didn't get it.. perhaps I am the poor joke-r :P

  13. I am more interested in the piercing. Sounds too cool.

  14. Oh come on! The last post was clear enough! And it doesn't justify yet another one pointing to the same post and giving justifications! :S
    Come back now!

  15. @ Purba:
    Interesting stuff. And still no post. THAT was the whole point I was trying to make- the irony :)

    @ DI:
    O m glad u understood. Finally some people did! :) and I am going to be back reallllly soon. My backlog in google reader is over :P so m all ready now! Up to Date! :D

  16. When are you putting a new post gal...??

  17. ahem.. Soon Tan..
    now this one sounded like a dhamki :P

  18. Just stumbled across your blog...mmm...through another blog I am reader of...and no, haven't read it completely, but definitely looks interesting..toh I might be reading a lot of it in any case...just found one similarity...we almost have taken equal number of schools to well finally finish our basic educations :)

  19. Hey Welcommmmmmmmmmme here :)
    but i tried checking ur blog.. not available :( wat to do?

  20. congrats for laptop
    and piercing
    where did u got one ?

  21. Thank you!
    Got it on my nose :P

  22. Hey, a couple of my blogs are for selected few people only (you see I crib so much that I got to be extra protective, can't let the ones I crib of actually see what I'm saying...perfectly managerial attitude, u'll appreciate :P )

    And as I saw, you got your entry to the open for public one...mmm..maybe you 'll soon have an access to the other one too some day :)


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