Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blogging.. kab, kahan, kaise???

When do people blog?

People blog when there is something to talk about. In fact everything that happens in a blogger's life is sifted on the basis of its worthiness to appear on the blog. Some of the common occasions that trigger the act of blogging are as follows-

1. Festive season like Christmas and new year churns out great blog posts, and also makes for many, though a tad boring, comments.. as most of the people happily send their wishes for the season! Such posts tend to be very elaborate and descriptive with all the prettiness and fun around.

2. Another favourite topic amongst bloggers is tales on travelling- things that happen on the way, stuff they see they experience, or something like "packingand being excited for going home and then missing the train or something equally interesting! Such posts tend to be very funny or fascinating depending upon the story and the story teller.

3. Bloggers like to share their happiness by writing about new assets that are recently bought like a new Dell laptop and the several stories attached to buying the 'thing' with other details like the super cool red colour of the laptop and fancy attachments. Such posts are usually the 'happy' posts where others congratulate the blogger and the blogger feels on top of the world.

4. Whenever a blogger does something NEW, he/she is not only excited about doing it.. but also about telling  it to the whole wide world. New things, like the blogger getting a piercing, have their own charm and make for very enthusiastic blog posts buzzing freshness into the blog space.

5. Just like good news makes awesome blog posts, bad news also makes awesome, rather awesome-er,  blog posts. Something like a very very pathetic hair cut where the blogger would want to wrap herself in a shawl forever, turn out to become hilarious blog posts which immediately perk the blogger up with 'support' and 'love' from fellow blogger friends.

But there are times when bloggers can't post anything despite all the 'worthy' events happening around. Though the blogger strolls around the blogosphere visiting friends and strangers, he/she is not able to write a post to save the day! Following could be a few reasons for the inability-

1. The blogger may not blog because of the climatic conditions. No no global warming has nothing to do with this! *or may be it does* Many a times a change of location, like from Bangalore to a north indian city, during winters could be very hard on the blogger. The blogger may not be able to take the COLD, and end up lying curled up inside the warm blanket with the head outside, only reading other blogs.

2. Another reason for not blogging may spring from point # 1. The blogger might be so engrossed in reading other blog posts that he/she may not be able to write something equally nice and therefore end up writing nothing at all.

3. One more *major* reason why people don't blog is plain laziness. Period.

4. Sometimes bloggers don't write a post for a long time, if the earlier post had been very popular and received more than 30 comments, a rarity on the blog, for the first time. :D

5. Bloggers are usually of many kinds, but there are some intrinsic qualities that are found common in all bloggers. One such thing is being moody. The buck stops there.

P.S: ... so now you know why I was away !!!


  1. haha..I like this post. All valid reasons...chalo maaf kiya for not blogging for so long...looking forward to reading more posts from you soon... google reader did not show this post....because I specifically came to your blog, I could read this post.

    So u've now moved out of bangalore?? Settling in well?

    last but not least....I have read two blogs in the blogosphere which were about a new laptop that the blogger had bought and second about the blogger getting a haircut and mentioning how they landed up with such a haircut...both posts attracted several comments.. :) :)

    Always Happy

  2. lol - for this hilarious post ur forgiven for being absent for soo long! :P
    but come back soon!!!

    so where have u moved??? im guessing delhi coz of the cold! or maybe further north?

  3. You are here? In the North? Kahan??
    Feel bad for you for the cold thing. Seriously. It's too cold!
    Loved the post, btw! Perfectly valid reasons, I tell you! :)

  4. 3. One more *major* reason why people don't blog is plain laziness. Period.

    Guilty as charged :)

  5. Oh so someone is cold bitten.... :D

    Cool post... Loved all those reasons for blogging and for not blogging too.... :)

    Keep writing S... The comments would go even beyond 30 if you continue this way.... :)

  6. Hahaha! I like you reasons, accepted ;)
    Though in the 'for blogging' list, add 'vent out frustrations when it is not possible to do it otherwise', because if that's not there, my blog wouldn't exist ;)

  7. @ AH:
    awwww.. thank u so much for looking out for me :) and i have not moved out of bangalore.. came home visiting my parents :)

    @ sunshine:
    thank u :) will be back soooooooooner :P

    @ preeti:
    yes am here.. up north.. and it is bloddddddy cold... :|

  8. @ rechristened:
    heeheeeheee.. No ya! :P

    @ tanishka:
    thank u thank u thank u :D
    tumhare ghee mein ghee shakkar :P

    @ DI:
    hahahha.. ya i forgot to add that :P where else would our RANTS gooo :D

  9. @ tanishka:
    ok! this cold is driving me crazy!
    i meant tumhare muh mein ghee shakkar :P :)

  10. Can I have chocolates instead.... Plzz.... :)

  11. Loved the way u have written this post in a matter of fact way!! :P Keep writing.

  12. @ Ria:
    Thaaaank u :) i'll keep writing.. u keep visiting :P

  13. And you have written an awesome post. So true, all of them. I am so obsessed with blogging that I think of it even when I'm attending lectures. :)Why only 30? May you get more than 50, like I got, for the first time. :)

  14. thank u thank u thaaaaaaaaaaaaank u Ajay... for all your wishes for my 50 *mesmerized by the number*

    :) i looooove blogggging tooo :) :)

  15. I vote for laziness for not blogging.
    Oh but do you know why they start blogging in the first place?

  16. What fun list.. hope you don't keep up with much of it and do actually write more :)

  17. i do agree with many bt nt all, eg i never blog lyk many others abt the stuff i got,kinda find it boring bt yeah a bulk of wat u said we do, climate n all sumtym finds space in my post..nice take

  18. @ Blasphemous Aesthete:
    Lazinessssss? NOOOO :) *batting eyelids*

    @ Comfortablynam:
    Thaaaaaaaaaaaank u :)
    write? what did i just do? I wrote, right! :) :)

    @ Vineet:
    u must be the modest one :)
    thanks for dropping by!

  19. lol.. that was so cute !!!
    Climate change haahn?? :) In my case its always plain laziness which stops me from blogging.

    Btw Im sukanya, landing here from Preeti's site.
    Glad to have found you!!
    Looking forward to reading more of ur posts.

    (Visit my page when u get time!! :a )

  20. @ Sukanya:
    Heyyyy :) thanks for dropping by!
    M off visiting ur blog now, c u there :)

  21. Hullo there :-) Thanks for stoppin' by my blog, cause I wouldn't have bumped into yours otherwise. Hell love your blog! Very interesting post, do keep blogging, and hope you keep in touch :-)

  22. hey :)
    thank u for all the *love*
    u made my day!

  23. A blog is a creative outlet...a platform for the talented-untalented....articulate-inarticulate.

    You ramble, rant, is your canvas, you can paint it a sunshine yellow or a gloomy blue...your prerogative entirely.

    Btw loved the tone of your write-up..sweet and funny.

  24. Woh. You nailed the coffin here: I love reading other blogs and barely think of writing on my own blog.

    Thankfully, my employer doesn't mind this habit of mine ;)

  25. @ Purba:
    Thanks for dropping by :)

    @ Kartikay:
    O so u are of that Kind? hmph..!! Go update ur blog :) lazy bum! :)
    O by the way, Happy new year :)

  26. :-) interesting 'insight'!

    good blog u ve here...

  27. he hee - tht ws interesting... ;D as of now am lazy to comment though i want u to know tht i came as promised :P am off to readin ur other posts... :)

  28. Hi... Wassup gal... No post since so long...

  29. @ Matangi: Thank u :) and welcome here!

    @ sb: haha.. so sweet of you :)

    @ Tanishka: M right here! :)

  30. Good analysis. I agree on almost all the points!:)
    This is a real post. So welcome back! :)

  31. @ Choco:
    ahem.. :) did u read the second part of the story?

  32. Sometimes, probably it's just plain whim that triggers (not)writing a post. :P

  33. :)

    p.s: Welcome here Sayak! :)


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