Saturday, June 25, 2011

New life

Yes. I am writing again. After hundred light years.
And I am good with alibis. But we shall not talk about that today. This is a new beginning. A renaissance of sorts. If you haven't noticed yet, look around- my new template, my new 'about me', the new font :) Boy! Have I missed this place or have I?  I have been procrastinating for too long. But this is it. And everything is just perfect. Bangalore weather is to die for! It has its mystic ways of making me feel good about things around me. Or perhaps, Beatles' Free as a Bird is enhancing the charm of the entire set up. After very long, I am not going to sulk and crib in my post. Life is good. With its bouquets and brickbats. Weekdays are brickbats, weekends are bouquets. And so I write today. Now I understand the whole big deal about the last two days of the week.

So, how goes life my pretty people of Blogville? I have not been able to keep in touch or read your blogs :( but now I promise I would. I am going to start from a clean slate now. And no more looking back, I promise.

This new life of being an independent-working-woman has not begun to suck yet. I am enjoying every bit of it. Pay cheque at the end of the month makes all the ordeals at work, worth it. There are bright days and dark days. But on a breezy weekend evening, like today, I'd only remember the brighter ones. I would consider myself to be self-made.I have made up till here without having a godfather. Alone. And I am going to strive more... to reach that peak where I have set my eyes. In the last two months of working, one thing that I have realised is that no one has your back. You have to stand for yourself. And save your neck. There are certain things you have to take for granted and accept them. Once that is done, you'll have a skin thick enough to survive in the advertising industry.

As was told by one of my teachers in college, on the job there are several things that one would need to unlearn, learn and relearn. And I am doing just that. Unlearning and relearning. Not just work, but also life. This is a new phase and I am unlearning a lot of things. Getting new perspectives. Being a new person. Perhaps, this is what you call growing up. Hey, it's happening!

So until next weekend.. Ta! Be good. Catch you on the other side of the week.


  1. :)
    Welcome back 'Self Made Lady'
    The blog is all rosy

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. heyyyyyyyy... it feels so good to be back :)
    blog IS all rosy :P
    girlie girlie isn't it :D

  3. Where WERE you??? I missed you so much.
    New template is...what do I say....seductive??? Makes your blog look more like those Kamasutra-related sites instead of a normal blog. (Okay...okay...don't kill me!!!)
    But its looking nice.
    And read my blog. :)

  4. i'm glad..super glad for you're back,happy,settled in the new job,calling yourself self made lady,unlearning and relearning,your blogs' new look...everything about this place :) congratulations on the newness :)

    Good luck to reach where you've set your eyes..I'm sure you'll make it there in no time :)


  5. @bengalimishitiz:
    ahem.. kamasutra-related sites!
    seems you have been to many such sites, woman! how old did u say you were?

    i am super happppppy too!!
    ~bigggg hug~ :)

  6. And you are back! :D
    I love your layout. So cute.

  7. Welcome back! You were missed! :)
    We have done a role reversal of sorts, I think. I moved from the "independent" earning girl image to a student and you, vice-versa! :D
    Believe me, paycheck and weekends - You'll be living for these two babies! :)

    Oh and nice work with the template! Shows you are serious about sticking around. :P

  8. @ Maryam:
    thank you Maryam :) :)

    @ Preeti:
    Yesssssssss... :) such is life!
    Not going to let anybody down this time! :D I am Backkkkk ! ;)

  9. Congratulations. After working for almost a decade the only advice that I can give you is to give it all to wotk but realize that it is not life but just a means to make a living. Do nto forget to find a life for yourself in the process

  10. @ Minal:

    :)well said!

    p.s: so good to see you here :)

  11. Hey... Its so good to see you back with a happy post and a rosy look for the blog... :)

  12. hi! welcome back!! :) Finally a much needed and expected and awaited post from you. Felt good after reading. :)

  13. @ Tanishka:
    haha.. yes! happy and rosy :P

    @ Ajay:
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    feels good, indeed !

  14. Bangalore is AWESOME right now, isn't it? The weather is so cool (literally) and the chai available at your nearest chai-walla so perfect that you'll feel this is heaven.

    It's heaven!

  15. @ Kartikay:
    awessssome mausam! that's wat i call it :)

  16. welcome back! its been a long time! :))

    and before u start, yes i know i need get my lazy self to start writing also!! *sigh*

  17. @ Sunshine:

    O yes!! :)
    this weekend.. go for it! :P

  18. Nice to see such a cheerful post and that you're enjoying your work. Hope you never tire of it. Touch wood, :)

  19. Advertising..! How interesting! Anyway all the best!:)

    Happy to know your still like what you are doing. And glad you are back.

    P.S. Love the new look of the blog! Brighter! :)

  20. @ Missy:
    *touch wood*


    @ Sameera:
    thankssssssssssssssssss :)

  21. It would indeed be rewarding until you love your job truly madly deeply any-ly.

  22. Okay, I guess a bit late to join the party... :)

    You are all bright and cheery... I wonder why! Your post is really really REALLY happy and I guess my dark and stormy Mumbai is unable to take it! :P (Btw, I'm really glad you're happy and hope I i didn't jinx it)

    Kabhi kabhi call kar liya kar! :P

  23. @ utkarsha:

    :) truly !

    @ Niki (!!!!):
    :)you have not jinxed it!

  24. Welcome bak! Keep bloggin! :-)Welcome bak! Keep bloggin! :-)

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  26. @ Rohan:

    haha.. thank you for the warm welcome :) :P

  27. Boy that's a cheerful post! And the blog looks pretty classy with the makeover ;)

  28. @ Blunt Edges:

    :) thank u thank u !


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