Monday, September 13, 2010

O Advertising!

End of a marathon weekend. 
I had been yearning for a long holiday, and when I finally got one I became all the more lazy. I am not looking forward to another Monday and more assignments.
So what did I do this holiday?
I indulged in a lot of introspection. Off late I have become this grumpy person. The only solace is the phonecalls from home when I somehow get detached from this carnivorous world around me. So this weekend I spent a lot of time with myself doing nothing. I stayed perched on my bed all through. Got up only to go to the mess. 

I want college to get over. And how much ever you say that I am going to look back at these days and sigh and long to get back, right at this moment I only want the time to fly. And I really hope what lies ahead is better than present.

Things I did-
This weekend I listened to a lot of Dave Matthews band- on repeat.
I did another post on my new blog. Here. You should check :) especially if you are from Bangalore. I caught up on reading. Online though. Watched a few ads I had missed off late. Browsed through advertising portals. Apart from that I stalked people on Facebook. Ok so now don't think I am this compulsive-lunatic-stranger-stalking woman coz I AM NOT. For my defence, I'd say am a curious woman :D. Anyways so this female who I was facebook stalking is a successful woman working in Advertising. I saw her picture in one of the news articles and wondered how old she was. And there it started. I facebooked her :) only to find that she was 40 :O when she looked so much younger. Her life looked dreamy- great career, great husband, great kids. Rosy hued. Everything just about perfect. And I got lost in my own fantasy land, imagining my future- whining about my crappy present- and mentally making a note of what I want in life.

I was 17 when I decided to make Advertising my career choice. And though I won't say I regret, I sure was naive. It was not the glamour (does it even exist?) of advertising, it was the excitement of creating ideas and the love for advertisements that hooked me. And I am still dazed. Advertising has now become a partner I am in a relationship with for past 5 years. 

And...I am dying to get married! 

In the course of my relationship I have been tempted to astray many a times, especially in the past one and half years when I came to understand the nuances of the industry. Before that- the first three years of our courtship, I was this loyal woman defending and representing Advertising where ever I went. But the deepest thought of infidelity came upon when I saw the glorious options of Brand Management, Media Research and Media planning in last one and half years considering the alluring pay package and freedom of work they offer. And though all these options are still connected to 'branding and advertising' per se, it is not really ADVERTISING, isn't it? 

And so being the faithful partner I shall stand by you, Advertising, come what may.


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  2. Marriage :P
    Get married soon and have lots and lots of nice kids :P(your creations)
    May you achieve success in everything you take up.
    Good luck!

  3. You knew what you wanted to do with your life when you were 17?!?!?!
    And now I' more than 17 and I still have no clue!!

    Why another blog? Why not write stuff on the same blog? I'm not catching up with my ever-expanding blog-list!!

  4. Oye! You king of tantrums! Just because I have two blogs and you have one. Jealoussssss!:D
    Oh and how about posting sometime in your almost extinct singular blog? :)

  5. hehe...may GOD bless you..and wish you get married soon..and live a successful married life..

    so u shld be some MBA student..if u r in grad...then I suggest you MICA..a must for u to find the ideal partner

  6. hey what happened?? no updates at all..nice to know that u r doing MBA :)..yea right those snobbish ones are not worth :P

  7. Hey..
    Yea no updates. Just a li'l down.

    Hey what does "Naaku telisindhi cheppaku...teliyandhi cheppina nenu vinanu!!!!!!" mean- read it on ur blog.

    And browsing through randomly I saw something that might interest you :)



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