Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't want to ruin it with a post title

It's been quite some time since I posted something. Not because I had nothing to say. Mundaneness of my life always gives me things to talk about. Even if that means I crib. But it's time I posted something sensible on my blog, considering my dwindling readers. And my waning interest in blogging.

I have this 'Creative Planning' module in my Advertising course where I am given a H.W. (I like the sound of home work :P better than assignments). And the Oh-so-awesome creative person that I am, I just can't think of anything for my H.W. The task is simple. I have to make 3 ads on "Obeying traffic rules". It is simple. But there is a catch. The teacher gave us a proposition on which we have to work (which actually makes it simpler, but difficult at the same time) The proposition is-- ok whatever, I am spending a lot of time on trivial things. This is going to be a Serious post!

Yea so. For this assignment when I started looking at stuff online- I found this heart wrenching story of a girl named Jacqueline who survived a major major road accident which was a case of drunken driving. I had briefly come across this story a few years back, but never really bothered digging deep. Today when I read through all the related matter available online, I was disconcerted. 

Jacqueline is almost as old as I am. And the kind of predicament she's been through doesn't even compare to what we crib about in our daily life. We lament for a bigger house, a better boss, a slimmer figure, a fatter salary, a longer holiday- what we fail to notice are the gifts we are already blessed with. And I am definitely guilty! I whine a great deal of things not going right in my life. And to tell you the truth, I guess it is deliberate denial. I don't like reading newspapers, I don't like listening to news. It only brings distress to my life. And seldom when I do read newspaper, my day turns out very bad. Like today, I read a news article on eve teasing in Kerala. And it infuriated me to no end. I kept thinking about that.

I found a clip on youtube where Jacqueline talks about enduring through the ups and downs of life. And though I know, I may forget all of this in a few days, and live my mundane life and crib and dream and hope and fall and rise and smile and hop and cry and whine and live... 
...for now I feel totally blessed and indebted for all I have in my world.


  1. :)right..if everyone thinks like that we'll never have this rat race..i like the twist there in the post..was thinkin u were goin to write about ur assignment...but u made it serious from then :)
    ur blog template is totally cool..since the background is fixed..and the text moves as we scroll it looks really cool..

  2. I have a school friend who has been in Coma for past 5 years now. A case of careless driving by a boy she was pillion riding with on a bike. She was really full of life.

    Having been in a very fatal accident myself at a young age, which almost killed my parents...and it took long for our lives to get back to normal, I understand how such things change perspectives.

    Everytime something goes really wrong, I think about that friend.

    Just wanted to share. :)

  3. @Unknown:
    Let's not even start with the rat race mentality..
    :) glad you liked the new template!

    So sorry for your friend :(

  4. Hmmm...At the risk of sounding cruel, I would just like to say that, just coz someone's life was real hell, does it make our life a bed of roses? I hope you do see my point and just not think that am an insensitive dog!

    On a totally different note, what's with the disco lights? They're blinding me :P

  5. @blunt:
    it doesn't make your life a bed of roses, but it reminds you that there are people who are in worse conditions. So.."Why me?" feeling would disappear..

    Disco lights :)
    Cheery :) don't worry it will change in few how it happens with my templates all the time :)


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