Monday, September 6, 2010

Wake me up when September ends..

When one thing goes wrong, everything else also starts going wrong. It is an avalanche effect. And it feels terrible to be under such a cascading effect, when you are continuously toppled over with one thing after another. Last ten days have been horrendous. And I don't see any speck of light even in the coming days.

Humiliation. Doubt. Arguments. Pain. Overload. Sleepless nights. Dissatisfaction. Insecurity.
And my birthday fell just in between all this pandemonium. Worst birthday ever.

22 hasn't started on the right note.

I have two resolutions this year- I have to learn to be patient. And optimistic.
I really need to.


  1. Ohhh felt sad to know that.
    Do you believe in “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”?
    When in pain and sadness we often overlook the good and bright things we come across and simply live in our depression. Yes it is true.
    Take a break from the routine things, mingle with new friends or indulge yourself (both physically and mentally) in some interesting activity. Then you will realize that light is everywhere around you to be soaked in. :)
    Yes you need to move ahead strongly and optimistically. And hey this isn’t fair. It was your birthday and you didn’t let us know???
    Happy birthday to youuuuu
    Happy birthday tooo youuuu
    Happy birthday toooo SSSSSS :D
    **Wondering whether voice was good**
    Now cheer up :)
    Often when we think that it is not going our way, life takes a sharp turn and everything turns around. You will become the happiest person on earth. :)
    I wish this year brings you lots and lots of happiness and good fortune :)
    Take care and keep smiling.

  2. I do believe in that line and when people are down, m the one reiterating it to them..
    But somehow this time, i m upto no positivity.
    Take a break- yes, i need that. But got no time to take a break. And the avlanche is only going to get harder if I pause now. I need to keep running, keep breathing.

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes :)
    Take care :)

  3. Whoa. That's an eventful week and a half there.
    Anyways wish you a very very happy b'day S :D
    Am sure you'll have an awesome year ahead :)

    PS: Love the song! :D

  4. Eventful. O yes!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  5. sounds like you've had some rough days! take care!!

    and happy belated bday! hope there was at least one thing good about the day! :)


  6. Hey Sunshine..
    :) The only thing good about the day was the fact that it was my birthday :P and that burger which I had at Ice n Spice, and the friends I met after so long :)

  7. first time here...
    Happy birthday..
    if you stick to those resolutions.. u will win over anything...confidence backed by optimism..patience pays..

  8. Heyyy Unknown!!!
    :) Welcome here
    Thank you for all the wishes :) see you around


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