Friday, December 17, 2010

Dil to baccha hai ji !!

I have some awesome blogger friends who write such interesting posts that I get all perked up to write on similar lines. One such interesting post is that by Pepper on childhood misconceptions :) it is a cute innocent post of a kid mind, please go ahead and enjoy it!

Here goes my list :)

1. My father happens to be an M. Pharm person. He used to work in Dabur as a production manager when I was about 6 years old. And the curious person that I was (am!!) I would stick around listening to my father talk to his office colleagues or at times even accompanying him to office during my summer break. For many years, I thought my dad was doing something 'wrong' and 'illegal', and would fear that he'd get caught one day. Reason? He used to deal with DRUGS!!! And the new car and the new house, only reaffirmed my thoughts that my father is doing illegal things :P

2. Being the pampered one in the family, I have always lived a very protected life. As a child, therefore, I was very scared of losing my family. I was scared of deaths and would cry endlessly just thinking about it. I still remember the time when I found out that everybody dies eventually. I was shocked to know that and confirmed it from my mother to finally accept it. Before that, I thought only bad people die. Good and kind people live. Now that equation is so simple!

3. Talking about that, I always thought that doctors or lawyers get their money only if they are able to cure the patient or win the case (respectively)

4. Like all kids know :P I always knew that babies are born from the stomach as doctor operates on it! The stretch marks on the tummy were quite an evidence.

5. My mom would always discard the clothes I would have outgrown saying,''these clothes have become small (for you)" and I would take it too literally assuming that the clothes are getting smaller day by day and hope that they'd fit my doll one day! :)

6. My sister is almost six years elder to me, which is a huge age gap and 'understanding' gap when you are watching television together. We'd be watching some funny act together, and my sister would start laughing 'understanding' the joke, while I'd be sitting dumbfounded looking at her. And I'll ask,"you got the joke?" She would be in a dilemma... coz if she says 'yes' then she'd have to explain the joke to the-six-year-younger-me and if she says 'no' I'd ask WHY she was laughing! I was quite irritating that way :P So my sister never liked watching TV when I was around, which basically meant that I was thrown out of the room :)

7. As a kid I was always confused wondering who was the elder one between my mom and my dad :) Dad looked tall and big, and went out to he must be the elder one..but mom would scold dad and me, and we listened to her all the time..then she must be the elder one...
:P Who's the boss?

These are the few that come to my mind as of now... but the inquisitive kid that I was (yes, I am that kid who asked a lot of questions!! :P) I am sure I had a lot of misconceptions :)

Thanks Pepper..for letting me revisit my childhood :)


  1. Hey S, good you took this tag. I love reading these posts. thought your dad was dealing with drugs?? I dont blame you, as a kid even i thought drugs meant only illegal drugs.

    How i wish, your assumption of death was right? earth would have only good people everywhere as no one woud want to do anything wrong and die.

    Lol!!! lawyers would be poorest lot if they got paid only if they won a case...imagine where lawsuits run for twenty or more years lawyers would never get paid.

    yes, clothes get smaller and tighter..not sure if we grow tal but for SURE we dont grow wide(fat)...its the clothes that shrunk...

    aww..poor kid you..were u not getting the jokes explained to you??..oh...

    LOL!!! Ma scolds you and she must be the boss??? haha...such an innocent assumption.

    Aren't you pleased to look back now and realise how cute and innocent kid you were?

    Enjoyed reading it.

  2. This is one of the best. I had that fear about death too and I had become very disturbed as a child. #6 and #7 are so innocent and cute :) Had a good time reading the post and was grinning all through it. :)

  3. These posts always tickle me! Glad I am getting the chance to meet you as a child.

    It took me a long time to realise 'drugs' have a medical significance too.

    I am 6 years elder to my sis as well. And I'd make up a lot of stuff to her just for kicks. :D She still hates me for it.

    This was a fun read! I am adding you to my reader :)

  4. @ all :

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank u soooooooooooo much :) :) :)

  5. @ scribbler:

    ok :) i assume that rofl was a good thing :D

  6. Awesome. Had a good laugh reading them.

  7. @ Sh@s:

    :) thanks.
    And welcome here to my space :) hope to see you often!

  8. Interesting Misconceptions. :)

    These can be cherished for a life time. :)

  9. i know :)

    Thanks for visiting. Welcome aboard! :)

  10. LOL at drugs thing... Thank god you eventually found out... :D

    And your question who's the boss? Have you found an answer to it now...? I still haven't... ;)

  11. LOL! That was so funny! Esp the first point! Poor you, living in the fear that your dad would be caught for 'drugs' :)

    This is a lovely tag:) So fun to read :)

  12. @ Tanishka:
    that 'drug' wala fear stayed for quite long actually..till i shared it with mom..who laughed and told me what it meant :P

    Who's the boss..well..
    i still don't know :)

  13. @ Smitha:
    thanks Smitha :) glad you liked it!
    nice to see you here :)

  14. Blaaady hilarious! Just imagine meeting yourself as a kid .. that would be interesting!

  15. @ kartikay:
    haha...yea! That would be something!
    But i think i'll hate it, considering the irritating one i was :)

  16. hehe.. one stupid thing i remem when I was kid...
    I used to think pen-names (author's alais name) were actually pet names of the pen they use for writing.. so I thought bachchan was the pet name of the pen used by Amitabh's father..Harivanshrai bachchan...and wondered how he maintained the same pen all through out life

  17. @ unknown:

    haha.. how we would take everything so literalllly as kids!! :)

  18. @ Alka:
    Woooah.. now dont tell me..u had the same misconceptions! :D

    Thanks for visiting :)

  19. This was a really cute post! Went through some of your other posts -- you've got a really interesting blog :) Coming back to the post, the memories you mentioned brought a smile to my face especially the 'drug dealing' part! Haha :D Cuteness!

  20. hey Dhanya..
    :) thanks for dropping by.. and do take up this tag.. would love to knw abt ur bachpana :)

  21. Awesomee... i loved this post.
    Even my sister and I have a six year gap, and when FRIENDS started on Star World, I wouldn't understand half the things my sister laughed at...
    Only difference is, I was always too proud to ask! :P

  22. :) :) :)
    thank you.

    Welcome here. Hope to see you around :)


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