Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding awesomeness

I love weddings. Haven’t been to many; perhaps that is the reason why it stirs so much excitement into me. All the people in my family and clan tied their knots when I was too young to understand matrimony. The only weddings I have enjoyed and ooh-aah ed over are the filmy weddings. How my smile stays stuck when I watch Hum Aapke Hain Kaun! :D And how I go gaga over wedding pictures of all celebrities or people I know. I love going through wedding albums.

And now I have a first hand experience of it all. Not my wedding, duh! My sister’s wedding. I have been super excited about it all along. Also because it was my only chance to enjoy bengali weddings, soaking myself in all the pleasures vicariously.
Although in my heart I was a little sad that I won’t be enjoying any of that in my wedding, I think I made up for it by having whole lot of fun anyways. For the uninitiated, my boyfriend is Christian. And though bengali weddings are extremely pretty to say the least, honestly I don’t think I want one anymore. And well, Christian weddings seem quite splendid anyway (from all the rom-coms I devour :P)

Coming back to my sister’s wedding… I was almost like a guest there since I reached home only 2 days prior to the wedding. But I made up for it by staying back for a few days after the wedding. Tee hee J The wedding in totality was quite a long affair thanks to all the hundred customs that we have. But it was so much fun. Some customs were outright infuriating and the feminist in me was yelling inside.  Like there was a custom where the groom’s mother would ask her son (this is before the baraat starts off for the venue), “Where are you going, son?” And the son has to reply, “I am going to get a slave for you, mother.” I was shell shocked when I heard this. I, as a representative from the bride’s family, had gone to escort the groom to the venue. I was really dumbfounded. R (my sister’s husband) is a sweetheart really, but such customs are just so downright offensive!

But overall… getting married is awesome :P especially with all the attention (and the gifts) that you get :D

Speaking about R, he is one gem of a person. Everybody who has met him in my family has loved him instantly. Right from elders to the irritating adolescents, he just gets along with everybody. That amazes me no end and I’m really happy that he’s fitted in so well with the fabric of our family. Before I even met him, I had had a bigggg argument with him :P (on gtalk :P) but things are brilliant between us now and he’s like a big brother I never had. Happy happy.

P.S: Guess what, it has not even been a month since my sister’s wedding, and my mom is being informed about suitable matches for her younger daughter. Very flattering I must say ;)


  1. Oh I love family weddings. You get to meet all your long lost cousins and have midnight adda sessions. And all that yummy food. I could go on and on.

    Btw could you consider changing your background colour. It's too dark, I had trouble reading your post.

  2. ohh i knowee all the bhaao you get in your own shaadi...once in a lifetime experience !! and ohh i love the part where you get to dress up and pretend to be shy :)

  3. @ Purba:

    Yea..meeting people...cousins and relatives..and the quintessential koto bodo hoe gache ;)

    @ Sulagna:
    Haha..pretend to be shy...bingo! when actually you want to stand in the middle and do a joey dance.. :P :P in all glory..

  4. I love attending weddings especially indian weddings.

    ''i am going to get a slave for you?''...hey bhagwaan....really?

    Aha!! so abhi doosri beti ke shaadi ke peechey padey hain kya sab log??

  5. @ AH:

    Yea weddings are whole lot of fun :)

    Seriously!!! even i couldn't believe my ears..
    Formality custom..they say :s

    *blush blush* :) heehee

    P.S: Glad to see you here! :)

  6. Family weddings are always fun...
    So you already getting marriage proposals... ;) Good going... :)

  7. @ Tanishka:

    sssshhhhh... nobody shud know :P

  8. u took me back to my college days n my sister's wedding the way I escaped from the ahemmm "suitable matches" :P .. ATB Girl! Ta kobe hocche biye ;) ;)

  9. m glad u cud revisit those fond memories again :)

    p.s: welcome to my blog. good to see you :)

  10. Weddings are so much fun! As long as you are not the one getting married. For the bride and groom it is a tiresome and unending set of rituals with crowds hovering around you.

    Good to know you had fun during your sis's wedding. Though the sexist ritual left me aghast as well.

    And lastly, I LOVE Christian weddings, and always wanted one. Lucky you :)

  11. Hahaha :) am sure that's the opinion only when one goes thru it.. before that there is a lot of excitement :P (i hope)

    That was just ONE of the numerous stupid things I saw :)

    I loved the 'imagery' of a christian wedding too..but then.. grass is always greener on the other side.. :)

  12. aww family weddings sound awesome! i havent attended one in agesss! and the next in line in my family is me! *gulp*

    glad to have u back! :)

  13. I love to attend wedding's esp if they are very close..Guess why??
    Not only the bride & groom even sisters & cousins are high-lighted.And if you ask me..I will say 'who cares about the B & G,Its we who is gonna gain attention..I mean girls who aren't married'

  14. @ Sunshine:
    i knw i knw :P you are next!!!!! n m quite excited abt that too :D u'll have more things to blog abt :))

    @ Neeha:
    Totallly totallllly agree... i was quite a topic of discussion during 'her' wedding :P
    Welcome to my space :) hope to see you more often!

  15. What fun! Wedding certainly are such fun times, made even more special when it is your siblings! I can imagine how excited you must have been!

    I grew up among Bengalis -all my classmates, friends, were Bengalis - so I attended a lot of Bengali weddings, and hogged on the food :) I miss all that so much now!

  16. @ Smitha:
    True. True. :)
    Eating is one part of to-dos in a wedding :D in my sister's wedding..fried ice creams were a huge hit :P especially with my lil cousins..

  17. well same with me, i never understood them when I was a kid, but now i have started to get some understanding about relations and marriage.. though it does not make me super excited about my marriage:)

  18. am sure as you get into a relationship.. u'll then get super excited ;)


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