Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love to cry

Now this post may sound unusual. But well, I am a little like that :P
Yes, I love to cry. Tears have always been connoted with sorrow and tragedy. And there have been so many poems written and dialogues penned in movies to say how tears emote grief. And I don't really beg to differ. When I say I love to cry, I mean it in the very archetype way it is perceived by people at large. And it is weird I know.

Be it a sappy movie or poignant words in a book, I just love to cry. As a matter of fact, I'd rate my affection for something or someone based on how much I have cried for/on it. Like for example, the recent movie Guzaarish couldn't evoke a single tear off my chest (I KNOW... a very bad example :D). Now that means..somewhere it did not strike a chord with me, and the movie is meh! Like... I did not cry? That's my reaction!

Similarly, if I write something and my mom cries after reading it.. I actually feel very good. And it's not sadism, mind you. It's just me :P

Not only this, I cry even at accomplishments.. Like if I see a really really awesome dance or some one singing superb and know how much hard work has gone into it, I tend to shed tears.. If someone bounces back from failure, I cry.. all this out of happiness of course..

So I am like this tear vending machine.. but I don't cry in public.. and in case that happens, I at least don't howl and cry like I usually would.. (ok that's an exaggeration, people) In public, I cry like a lady ;) .. with warm tears kissing my cheeks.. and a straight sober face..

I would call myself an extremist I think, coz as much I can cry over a fall of a hat, I am a laugh riot all the same. Ok perhaps not laugh. But quite the smiling kinds :) heeheee.. :D (am sure you must have noticed the deluge of smileys in all my posts and comments) :) haaa... there you go again :)


  1. Lol. I can never cry easily. And I cry only when nobody is looking. Behind closed doors or a few sniffs in the shower. Though off late, I am comfortable enough to let out the water works in fronta Mint :P A rarity though..

  2. That movie thing works for me too.... And yeah even I didn't like guzaarish... :D

  3. @ Pepper:
    Till very long.. I couldn't cry.. and then...the hormones started acting up :) I blame it all on them..conveniently :P :)

    @ Tanishka:
    Yeeeeee...i knew i'll have some support :P

  4. I'm the same. I cry at the drop of the hat :( But I hate it - I wish I could stop myself from crying :(

  5. @ Smitha:
    heeeheee... it's ok :) enjoy the 'crying' like me.. and everything will be alright :P

  6. lol that sounds very familiar! i can pretty much cry at the drop of a hat also...and yes very ladylike crying! :) of course unless its one of those crying jags which just go on & on & on and are not a pretty sight!

    tears & girls --> such a cliche na? :P

  7. looks like I'm not the only one. I love crying too :)

    Leaves you feeling damn refreshed.

  8. @ Giribala:
    You got me right!! Ice creams reallly is the solution for everything in my life :D

    @ Sunshine:
    m so glad.. so many of u have found "familiarity" in what I have written.. I thought I was the only weirdo :P

    @ bengalimishtiz:
    Hahaha.. welcome to the gang I'd say :)

  9. Hey sweety, I didnt know you were a fellow Bong. :) Even I'm one (username says it all)

  10. S, I do cry as well. god byes, leaving speeches, thank you cards, etc make me cry. Same pinch..I cry at accompishments too..when I got my first job, I cried may be one bucket while I was on the phone and telling about the interview outcome to my parents..My dad thought I did not get the job!Again, samepinch..I dont cry in public. Also, I didnt cry while watching Guzarish (too much Gaudy the sets were that I could not connect with the characters).

    Good to know there are few others like me. We rock!

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

    Always Happy

  11. @ esha:
    u didn't knw i was a bong? :O
    anyway.. now that you know :) *high 5*

    @ AH:
    too many same pinches u gave me :D
    :) yes, we rock :P
    Merry Christmas and new year to you too! God bless.. :)

  12. Its good to cry. Good both for the heart and the eyes :)

  13. Even I cry in times of happiness or failure. :) I think being able to cry and shed tears is a good thing. It eases the burden of life, soothes us and clears our vision as well. :D Have a tearful (only khushi ke aanshu) year. :D Wishing you a very happy new year. :)

  14. Everyone loves to cry, sometimes. They just dont admit it. Very few will bravely make it a blog post.

    Thats courage. Keep it up. :)

  15. It's good to be able to cry! :)
    I cry but mostly secretly! :D

  16. @ Sh@s:
    But don't ur eyes redden when u cry? :(
    mine don't! and nobody ever gets to knw that i have cried.. :D

    @ ajay:
    happy new year to u too :)

    @ blognostic:
    ooo thank u thank u
    *takes a bow* :)

    @ Preeti:

  17. i couldn't help but nod after each para up there. exactly what i feel about crying.

    see, finally i know that someone knows that it is OK to have subjective-hyperactive-tear glands.

  18. @ nOt anyone you know

    :) yea it's comforting to know that so many people agree..
    Welcome here :) Hope to see you often!

  19. Thank you Tan :) same to you

  20. i hate to admit this but the last movie tht made me cry like a baby was "Despicable me" & it was an animation one! The movie was soooo funny tht it made me cry!But it was happy tears.. Mind it! :D ..It was THE best movie of 2010!
    Like u said,even a good song(Sonu nigam ones) & accomplishments never fails to wet my eyes! :)
    PS: Happy new year :)

  21. @ Rakesh:
    awwww... :)
    I wanted to watch that movie.. but couldn't!!
    Will watch it now :) I am great animation movie lover.. My favourrrrrrrite is Finding Nemo :)

  22. Oh I cry to express...A soulful song, extreme happiness, relief...I am like a push button tear vending machine. And my daughter is even worse!! If I shed silent tears , she sobs loudly...very very loudly!!!

  23. @ Purba:

    Now I can is definitely *the* thing with our species ;) We, the tear vending machine, women!!

  24. Aw, I don't think there's anything wrong with crying. Sometimes, I even cry for no reason...some people may think I am a freak, but crying just makes your heart a lot lighter, doesn't it? :-)

    That said, here's hoping that in 2011, you don't get to have too many wrong reasons to cry :-)

  25. @ rechristened:

    agree. agree.
    Happy new year to you too :)

  26. crying is a good exercise S :-)

    I heard you're shortly going to make a move to WP...come join us there :-) it's fun :)

  27. I am a cry machine too,the emotional one in me springs up more than often!:)A HNY to you:)Wishing you joys and laughter:)

  28. @ Scribbler:
    Yes... ;) should be there soon! But how can I ditch my bosom friend Blogger :D

    @ Raksha:
    Aren't we all the happy and teary *if there is a word like that* emotional ones?!! :D
    Happy new year Raksha :)

  29. bold of u 2 admit u love 2 cry!!
    But let u smilee be more than those crys!!

  30. thaaaank u :)
    happy new year to you!
    welcome to my space PriPat :)

  31. am soooo sorry - this post of urs made me laugh :P :D

    it shd have been otherwise hey na?! ;) looks like u have more of a humour bone/vibe than a sad one... :) (okay - i will try for a fake cry now if that would make u feel good ;( if not, here u go a smiling smiley :))

  32. @ sb:
    am all smiles :) u don't have to cry :)


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