Wednesday, August 18, 2010

R for Random. S for...

I love to talk.
That is when I am in a good mood.
And if I am really happy, I’d be chirpy, hopping around, talking.
I love talking randomly with people I am close to. I mean really randomly. My tangents can be really steep. One moment I’d be talking about 'this' and the next moment I might be talking about something completely unrelated. And I love doing that. The person usually is puzzled trying to join dots of my conversation, until he finds out how random I could get.

And since I have nothing in particular to write here, I’d be talking random- how I usually do. And you, I’m sorry, will have to bear with my eccentricity.

I had a bad mouth bashing with some people today. And I was irritated as hell. And though I gave a piece of my mind, I am not satisfied. Now I am waiting for the next thing to happen, so that I can prove my stance. The point of argument here is very stupid and not-blogable, so I shall refrain.

I don’t know why my net is not working, I am writing on Word doc and then I’ll have to copy-paste it later. Double effort.

My laptop has become OLD. I shall be celebrating its fourth anniversary in sometime. I want it to survive for another one year and a little more than that, till I get a job and buy another one on my own. I recently saw someone using a Macbook with a red cover. And I found it really really pretty.

I want to read books. I want to watch movies. I want to listen to music. I want to read. But somehow I don’t find time. And that is bull shit. Cos I waste a lot of time. But on second thoughts I used to waste a lot more time during my graduation. How is it, I’m always in the same pit!

I hate it when I write on a word doc, and the smart system puts red and green lines under my sentences. I get a mental block. I need to remove all the red/green lines to be able to start writing again. Hmph…such a waste of time (Oh I knew you wouldn’t understand ‘Hmph’…you MS WORD! **right click...ignore all**)

At the age of 22 (in a few days), I have already become old. I already complain like a grandma about my back ache, my digestive system, my bones, my eyes. Everything is in place, but needs a servicing. I want hoooooooooommmmmmmmeeeee!!

I don't like college anymore. I want home. My home. I hope after I start working, my life sees better days than this. I really really want a house of my own.

I tasted red wine last night. And it tasted sad. Wine out of all other things I thought would taste good. But No. Coming to my favourite topic, I had an amazing dinner last night. I had authentic Malyalee food. And though I detested beef all this while, for the first time in my life last night I relished it. I had tasted beef several times before and always hated it. But much to my surprise, the mal style beef was crazy. He was beaming with joy that I finally did warm up to his favourite meat.

My birthday is around the corner. And this time somehow I am not looking forward to it. Period.

I am so sleepy. The lunch in the mess today was sad. I love the silence in my room.

Few weeks back, thanks to one of my teachers, I sent a story to Chicken Soup for the College Soul. I was brutally rejected. Ok not brutally; the lady was sweet to me, but I was sad. Apparently my story wasn’t emotional enough. They needed a ‘moral’ at the end of the story. What? Am I writing Aesop's fables? The day dreamer that I am, I had already found a place in cloud nine for planning my career in writing. Jokes apart, I am going to send another story for the next issue, hopefully with more emotions and morals :P

I need to wash clothes. When will the room cleaning squad come to my room? My room has been made a mess!

He has become an atheist.

I have to take a bath. Or should I watch Grey’s Anatomy instead? Why is the internet still not working? I have to check the meaning of Esplanade in the dictionary. It is a name of a Bengali restaurant in Bangalore. Want to go there. Heard it is expensive.

I want to own a restaurant one day.

I love Appy Fizz, but I think the 20rs bottle is over priced.

Alright enough randomness, it is already 4 o’ clock. I should wrap up. Ta!


  1. Eccentric? Neyywaarrr :)

    Soo many things in just one post? You might be really missing home now to write such a long post :) Why don’t you plan a visit to home?

    Bad mouth bashing? :D hehehe Hostel life !!! Ironically you are going to miss this life after leaving it.

    Hmmmphh :) About the “word” thing, you can anytime deselect the “spell check function” if you don’t want it :)

    A post like this would not have been tasty (err... good) without a line or two about food :) Isn’t it? Same pinch about the taste of the red wine or any alcoholic drink for the matter. I really love the way they serve the food on banana leaves. I want to go to coastal areas of kerala once...:)

    Want to own a restaurant??? WoW ! Don’t forget to blog about the choice of place, the foods etc etc. I really want to know.

    Atheist? Are you happy or sad?

    Hey please post the stories(both old and new); Would love to know them.

    I don’t know why but your post made me smile real wide. And yes, R for random and S for... :)


  2. :)Yea am missing home. Or may be I am just fed up of my college and people around.

    O please..believe not going to miss 'this'..may be other aspects of hostel life..but definitely not things I have in my head right now.

    I want to see Kerala. really want to see Kerala. restaurant..One day! :)

    Atheist! I'd choose not to comment.

    I don't feel like posting the story now. The fact that it got rejected... :(

    :)Take care

  3. Boy could the post BE any more random!! AWESOME. Could have started at the last line and read upwards and still not missed anything!! (Not that I tried that!)

    You really didn't like red wine??? **throws hand in air to express surprise***
    And you too Asif?? :o (What has the world come to?)

    So he's a mallu and an atheist? Boy that almost describes me ;)

    @ Asif
    I think I know what S stands for ;)

  4. Okkkk! I comment at Aug 19, 1:55am and your blog says its Aug 18, 1:25pm!! What country are you in?? :P

  5. Yes Kerala is a very beautiful place with nice people.

    Please do post the story anyway. What if some people don’t like it? I would love to read it.

    @Blunt :)
    :O It looks like even you don’t like alcoholic smell :)
    And Yes, S could also mean Sugamaaknow ?

  6. @ Blunt:
    Heehee..about my randomness :)
    And though I didn't like Red Wine (I imagined it would be sweet, or may be I just had a bad one), I almost like White Wine :)

    Mallu and an atheist!! You too!!
    **throws hand in air to express surprise***
    What has the world come to?

    S stands for Serenity. That is the meaning of my name by the way :)

    About the time settings, have no clue. M most definitely in India :)

  7. @ Asif:

    Kerala it is!

    Will post the story soon :)

    And what kind of name is Suggaaammmmmmmaaaaa!! Sounds like name of a mallu B grade actress :D

    Actress that too B Grade? ROFL...No actually "Sugamaaknow" means "How are you" in Malayalam.

    And thanks a lot for deciding to post it. :)
    Take Care....Ta :)

  9. Oooooouuuuchhhhh..
    Hahaha..But he told me something different, as far as I can remember, or was it 'Watsup' that he told me **scratches head**
    We should ask Blunt.

    Bluuuuunnnnnnnnnnnntttttttt....shed some light..
    I know, "Enna Vishesham?" which means Whats up, I guess :P


  10. Sugamaaknow literally means "Are you fine?" And the reply can be sugam or parama sugam which means fine or very fine :)

    Enna visheysham? :) hmm you are right. Looks like you are learning well. :)(It is used mostly among bangalore malayalees)

    Speak in malayalam once. He will be very happy :)

  11. lol randomness galore! i like :)

    try port wine - its sweeter than normal red wine and less dry!
    im not a red wine drinker either...its taste is much too strong for my liking...!

    yea i hate the red/ green lines on word too! and yes cannot continue working until all the lines have been cleared! *same pinch*

    when's the bday? plan somethin for that day that makes u happy - will build excitement :)

    i want to own a beach side bar someday! and altho im pretty sure that will never happen - its nice to dream! :)

  12. "Enna vishesham" ha? That kinda gives away your guy's religion!! ;)


I love hand-written notes :)