Monday, August 23, 2010

take your pick

What would you pick- A loyal partner or a faithful partner?


  1. hey what’s going on in your mind? Exploring the thin lines of differences? :)

    Am I looking for a partner now to pick any one? :D
    **Thinking whether to ask the names of faithful girl and loyal girl to choose one. :D**

    Fun apart, Generally speaking- Is it compulsory to pick a partner with only one of the elements? As a matter of fact, I do believe that Faithfulness and Loyalty go hand in hand when it comes to a relationship because you can’t show your loyalty unless you are faithful (particularly in a relationship).
    In an Ideal case, I would say the partner needs to have both of them along with an additional element which is even more important called Honesty.

    But if ever there is a case where loyalty does not include faith and if I’m to choose a person who has only one of them then I would go with a person who is faithful(Or even I can say in that case, I would go with a person who has honesty alone).
    And I would like to add that devotion is possible only through loyalty and faith but what good does it offer if it lacks honesty. Can we keep honesty aside?
    Hence personally speaking, for me more than the two elements mentioned by you, Honesty is important.I always prefer imperfect people who are true to me than perfect people who are not true to me :)

    Finally, what can we do if the person is susceptible to change his faith, his loyalty and his honesty depending on situation?

    Life is full of surprises and uncertainties and we have to deal with them and lead our life happily :)

    Good Luck and Take Care !

  2. @ Asif:

    I'm all for a faithful person. And not one who's just loyal.

    @ Blunt:

    Go figure out the difference :O

  3. faithful is rama :)
    loyal is krishna :)

  4. Haha interesting analogy you brought up.

    But somehow I beg to differ. Rama was not faithful! And Krishna was not loyal, perhaps Meera was!

  5. hehe..feminist..
    rama is..he got a decent proposal from soorpanaka(sister of ravana) but he dint go for sure krishna wld have not been harsh enuf to kick such offer...
    krishna on the other hand is loyal..else why will so many gals stick to him..[discounting the lust n devotion]..

  6. :D

    But a faithful person does not ask for agnipariksha. Does he?
    And everybody knows about Krishna's flings. Infidelity was right there! :)

  7. Rama was faithful to Sita everyone knows that....was Sita faithful to him..was in sure he wld had huge amount of trust on her..but it was people around...
    I know its a weak point .and I cant argue over that longer :P

  8. ....and here by I win the argument :)

    Anyways, that was a good analogy you put across :)


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