Sunday, August 1, 2010

To Blog...With Love

A smile comes to me whenever I see their update on my dashboard- these are a few bloggers whom I love to read. And a comment from them, makes my day! So, this is to you all... :)

Judy Balan- The best piece of shit in this world. I love the humor that comes out of all the cribs. And Oh those one liners :) You have to read it, to believe it.
Blunt Edges- He can't really be called a blogger. He's a zombie who roams around in the blogosphere commenting on people's blog from time to time! But he's damn good at it :D
Asif- He is a sensitive writer, who comes across as an absolute genuine human being.
Sunshine- She is the whiff of fresh air. Even her mundane writing gives me a new perspective all the time.
In the Meantime- He is an evolving writer. I absolutellllly love some of his last posts \m/
Chloe- If only you wrote more often, Chloe! :) You know you are loved! Get well Soon.
Vivify- She is an inspiration. I look forward to her posts ALL THE TIME.
Reflections- She has gone for a sabbatical and is totally missed in the blog world. I love her sarcasm and her adorable daughters. Like mothers, like daughters? Come back, Nancy.
Preeti- She is The writer :) I love her effortless writing. She is the positive beam of light on my blog :D

Thank you all for being a part of my Blog life!
Have a happy day ahead :)


  1. Hehe. Thanks, S. Appreciate the link! =) I'm neck deep in all types of other shit at the moment, so will be a bit before I get back to BS =)

  2. …..YaY..…
    That was so wonderful to see my name there. It is really a happy moment for me now.
    Me a writer??? Hahaha...Really you made my day with that special compliment.
    Have a happy day :)
    BTW I loved the picture. It’s too cute. :)

  3. @ Judy:
    Will wait! :)

    @ Asif:
    Pleasure is all mine :)

  4. boy i have missed so many posts by u!!

    n that's easily the coolest 3 line description i have ever got! :D

    thanks a lot's been a pleasure reading u :D

  5. :) Yes Blunt, you were missed!

  6. aww thats so sweet! thank u so much S for ur words! :)

    happy (belated) friendship day! :)

  7. (O!O)

    Hey where are you ??? Hope everything is fine.
    Please update soon !

  8. Hey!
    Kind of you to ask about my whereabouts. Everything is fine :)Will update soonest.

  9. Thank you so much!!! I am surprised and thrilled... lol

  10. Hey, Thanks for visiting my blog and the encouragement. And I'll be sure to visit yours and all your favourite blogs listed here too. :)

  11. Hey :)
    Welcome to my blog. Hope to see you back.


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