Friday, August 13, 2010

When I was younger..

Though adulthood comes with all its perks, there are a number of times when you want to go back to those days of abandon and nonchalance. Everybody when looks back yearns to be transported back to their schooldays- when as cliched it may sound all you wanted was to watch television when you were not supposed to or not be asked to study or clean your room...
But I beg to differ.

Honestly I do not want to go back to my days of childhood. Recently I stumbled upon a few young bloggers, (who I must say write brilliantly) and I could see specks of myself in every post. The insecurity, the envy, the ambition, the self- pep talks, the love, the attachment, the faith, the disgust, the all came gushing back to me as I went through their blogs.

"We are adults!!
How did that happen? 
And how do we make it stop? "
- Meredith Grey

It is like choosing the lesser evil. In the good old days life was just as capricious as it is right now.


  1. Awww :) your post transported me to my school days where I had my best times. I miss those days a lot now and at times, I want to go back there again if given a chance, not for the reasons you mentioned there but to do all the things which I missed out doing then.
    I gained a lot by growing into an adult now but this journey was not that easy for me and the biggest thing I lost is my innocence.
    I can understand your feelings very well now whether why you don’t want to go back to your childhood. But then who knows what may happen a few years down the lane. Time brings in a lot of unavoidable changes and we all know that.We also know that we can't stop the time.
    --Is it too philosophical? :P

    Nice thoughts, keep posting :)

  2. What I meant to say was that growing up and being an adoloscent 'today' is not EASY. Much difficult than what it was when I was one.
    I am happy am all grown up now, though nostalgia does tickle me once in a while :)And I think I am quite a child even now, so :) am happy with what I have...I don't want the apparent 'good old days' :D

  3. Ahh...the grown-up and matured blunt edges understands how you feel ;)

    Strangely I'm someone who keeps quiet when people talk about how they would definitely go back in time to their school days if given an option. Though even I had loads of fun at school and college, I don't think I'll take up that option coz it's not like my life sucks now! Now is good. In fact, it is great :)

  4. @ Blunt:
    You had best of both worlds :) Feel lucky!

  5. you dont have to be behaved like a grown-up that doesnt mean childish..i mean ..u can be child like at times..

  6. Childlike, it is!
    :) Am perpetually so actually.


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