Friday, January 8, 2016

All you need is tea and warm socks

I shifted to Delhi about 4 years ago and made acquaintance with Winter once again. It took a lot of layers of clothing to get used to it. But this year the legendary winter is just not arriving (Global warming! :( ). We are already in January and I am not shivering yet. But today I woke up to a blanket of fog outside my balcony. And the first thing I did was to take out my wintery, berry coloured, long coat (still wrapped from dry-cleaners) that I had bought last year. I was so happy I could finally wear it. I decided against the boots. Didn’t want to over-do it and shock my colleagues :) As it turns out, the day was not quite cold and I could not keep the coat on for too long.

I have written about my love for winter before. I love fog. There is an intimate mystery in fog. I feel like I am in some storybook. Everything seems to slow down; it’s like walking through clouds, like floating on the road. The blinking car lights and people sitting next to fire in every corner, it makes me so happy! I love walking into fog, not knowing what lies ahead.

Not knowing what lies ahead – when did that become a comfortable feeling? I am not someone very comfortable with uncertainty. I want to know things for sure. I want to plan things, confirm things, validate them until I am satisfied. I have never handled ambiguity well. But over the years, it has changed I think. Not to the extent that it would stop affecting me, but I have made my peace with not knowing something, not knowing everything. The thing about truth is that there are many truths. And you can never know everything. You can, at best, try to empathize with people and try to understand their perspective. But every story has multiple background stories, and you will never know the whole truth.

Anyway, coming back to Winter. I stumbled on this cute picture that inspired me to talk about winter. I love green tea and colorful socks :) I wish I was in that picture.


  1. I soooo miss Delhi winter. When we were kids, the best part was waiting for the school bus. We could never see it coming and then it would suddenly approach from the fog. The peanuts in the sun. The Chikki and gajak. Sigh.

    1. Peanuts and gajaks everywhere I look. Love all the snacking in winter :)

      But right now the weather in Delhi is not as cold as it usually is. So it doesn't feel so wintery! Today onwards it would change I am guessing - after the first fog of the season.


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