Sunday, January 24, 2016


I have been trying to write for last one hour and all I have done is cursed myself for starting this blogathon. I came home for the weekend, and with so much happening around me, I don’t know what to write. So it’s going to be another one of those meandering posts. Better than a no-show at least.

I have lived away from my parents since I was fifteen. And coming home is always a big celebration. When I was in college I would miss all the festivals being away from home – Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja, birthdays, anniversary – but everything would be compensated when I went home for summer vacation. That month and half would be filled with plans – right from what I was going to eat and where I was going to go and what I was going to buy (lots of shopping!). Since my parents moved around so many cities, almost every other summer vacation was at a new destination.

Right now my parents live in a small town, about 5 hours away from Delhi, and I have the opportunity to visit them often. When I was in Pune and Bangalore, I didn’t have the luxury to pack my bags on a whim and give my parents a surprise visit on a weekend.

My mom has made all the preparation of things I love to eat –things that I don’t get to eat outside or can’t cook well enough. Today I spent the whole day shopping. Tomorrow would be a little lazier with more basking in the sun and chit-chatting with mom. I love the old quilt at home. And the swing in our balcony. I always wanted to have a jhoola in our house, but we never had one since we changed so many houses. In this house my parents finally got one, and every time I come home I make sure I have a cup of coffee while swinging in it. Right now I am typing on my old laptop that was repaired (changed battery and display) for my parents. The laptop is kept on top of a note pad (a hard board that I took to my 10th board exams). And I can hear my parents snore.

I love coming home and seeing things unchanged. I am reminded of a past that I am closely linked to - roots that sometimes feel unfamiliar and faded in the life that I am living away from home. And then I see changes that I could have never expected and imagined while growing up.

Coming home is not just a celebration anymore, it is also a pitstop in the journey of life to refuel, repair and make note of how far I have come. 


  1. I felt like going home after reading your post. :(

  2. Gal! I'm sooo jealous of you!! :(
    You wont believe, I dreamt last night that mom and I were on a shopping spree. And next I know, you write a blog on how you spent whole day shopping- with mom!!!

    1. Hehe, you are missing out on all the fun :D

  3. My parents live in the same city as me, so my 'recoup and re-energize' week doesn't happen anymore. We meet more often but for shorter spans. But what I do is make a trip atleast once a month which is to just lie around doing nothing and eat all that's cooked and read while stuff is brought to me and MAN it's awesome!

    1. Wow once every month sounds like utopia :)

      Relaxing at home is the best thing ever!


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