Sunday, January 31, 2016

The End

The end caught me by surprise; I didn’t realize we were reaching the end already.

Am I relieved that we ended?

I am not sure if you can call this ‘relief’. I have to look for an appropriate word. A word that understands that the end is not the end. I would miss the time we spent together.

It was nice to tell you things that I was thinking about or doing or planning to do. I liked coming to you after a gruesome day at work or life (you know how a day starts when there is no breakfast in the morning!). But I pushed those thoughts away, and made fun of them instead. I love laughing with you.

This blogathon shifted my focus in the middle of chaos. It also helped me structure my thoughts. To make sense of things.

So, well, it is not with relief that I am ending this. I am ending this with the painful realization that I will miss you. And so I will be back soon. No, not tomorrow. But soon.

See you later, alligator.



  1. I loved reading your posts! :)
    We figured out a while back, we are kind of alter egos. It surprises me so much when I read your posts, how similar we are. In an alternate world, we would have been great friends, is my guess! :)

    1. Thank you, Preeti <3 *big hug*

      I love how we connect on things, your comments make me feel that I am not alone - we are all same same but different :)

  2. have read all your posts, silently, cause I was too exhausted to comment..

    Come back soon...

  3. Why are all the good bloggers going into retirement? This is almost like a man in his 90s bidding farewell to his peers one by one:P

    On a serious note, it's not a nice feeling.

    Come back soon


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