Sunday, January 17, 2016

Knock knock, it's monday

Monday is here, knocking on our doors again. I had a good weekend. Ate some very good authentic bengali food and sweets (I had been dying to have nolan gur'er mishti - it is a kind of sweet made of special jaggery that is seasonal).

Good food makes a weekend great! I also watched Bajirao Mastani, though I wanted to watch The Danish Girl. I didn't like it, except its aesthetic sense of cinema, Bhansali's style of art (sets, props, clothes, backgrounds, frames. . .) But I am really excited about The Danish Girl. It looks quite promising. Perhaps, next weekend.

I am reading an interesting book called The Lost Generation chronicling India's dying professions. It is a bunch of stories on professions that are on the verge of extinction due to people's changing lifestyle and technological advancements. I have read the first few chapters and it gives a close glimpse into the rural parts of India that seem so unfamiliar to my urban mind - the tribal culture, the traditions and values. It is fascinating to know that such people exist in the same country as mine, leading lives much complex than what I can imagine.

See you on the other side!



  1. That book sounds super interesting. Must get my hands on it! And yes, I am booking next weekend for Danish Girl too! :D

    1. Yea, I thought you may like the book since you have worked for rural market. I have read a few chapters so far - the one on Rudaalis was quite shocking to read.


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