Monday, January 11, 2016

Cheat post

It is past midnight, I had totally forgotten about the blogathon. I had nicely tucked myself into my blanket after a warm shower when I remembered my promise. Then I convinced myself that sunday is not part of blogathon. And then I remembered all the other bloggers who, despite all hurdles, are blogging. So although I have nothing much to say, I will just blabber something and mark my attendance. My initial plan was to write two posts on Saturday so that I can post one on Sunday - see, I try to be organised.

I had a good weekend. I watched so many movies, on my laptop and in theatre. I watched Wazir tonight, and it is not that great. A loosely tied story and a predictable end.

I am munching on banana chips although I told myself that the cupcakes and coffee I had at 8pm and big cup of sweetcorn I had during the movie, were good enough for my dinner.

To make up for this just-for-the-heck-of-it post, I am going to make genuine efforts to write a good post tomorrow (or later in the week, some of my posts in blogathon will make some sense I promise).

Ok goodnight for now. Toodles!

Leaving you with something cute I came across today -


  1. Rofl! Same story! Even I forgot and then thought Sundays were excused from Blogathon. And then, just to assuage guilt, I posted a random post! :D
    This is getting harder now! :-/

    1. Yea! It IS harder than I thought :-| but getting to read your favourite bloggers daily is a treat I don't want to miss!


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