Friday, January 22, 2016

Borrowing some words today

Not that one
By Meena Kandasamy

Find me another word
that is not so ready. I want
a word that waits and weeps
and hesitates, that knows
of other words I kill, and
grows afraid to take its place.
Find me a word that has heard
of a woman afraid of losing a man
she does not have, find me a word
that flinches at the thought of being
trapped, a word that shows me
stealing time, not men.
Find me a word that is not safe.
A word for a woman in a forest
to wake up with, a woman who
knows heat and long silences
and sleepless nights, a woman
who works with only words.
Not love, dear poet.
Find me another word. 


  1. So beautiful! Such lovely flow of lyrics! :)

    1. Ok, me missing a post is OK. Because I am lazy. But you missed a post!! How? Where are you?

    2. Arey we are alter egos na? I am lazier than you can imagine :-|

      I am just going to act like nothing happened. Hehe.

    3. Yea, love the flow. The love for words, there must be a word for that no? :)


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