Thursday, January 28, 2016

I feel like a celebrity

No, no I have not got published yet. Ugh even blogadda does not acknowledge my presence in the blog world.

But what else are moms for? :D I am feeling sick like I told you before. Still I have to go to office because I am an adult, you know. I was sulking after coming back and we watched a movie on my laptop (I love the concept of evening snacks by the way! But only if they are mom-made). Then I was lying inside my blanket sulking some more and whining – “Now I have to write a blog post also!" Instantly my mom said – “Forget the blog, you are sick, you don’t have to do it. Missing it once in a while is okay.” But I decided to honor my commitment to the Blogathon. That is when I felt like a celebrity. Haven’t you read those tabloid stories where they say how an actor worked for so many hours despite high fever or completed the dance show despite the ankle injury? It felt something like that. So here I am giving my sweat, blood, tears and farts to the Blogathon. In sickness and in health, I shall continue blogging. Cheers!


  1. Autograph autograph autograph! 1 Selfie please! :D
    You are a celeb in your right! :)

  2. I opened the comment section to write "Autograph please, oh wait, a selfie please", and then saw Preeti's comment saying the same thing. Shaa. But im sure you are kind enough to take one more request, especially since it comes from a big fan! - Moo.

  3. *cough*

    I want to thank my biggest fans, Preeti and Moo, who have always been there for me through lame posts and not-so-lame posts. It is through their love and encouragement that I have reached this far in my blogging life. I bow to thee, my favourite fans and shubhchintaks! <3 <3


I love hand-written notes :)