Tuesday, January 26, 2016


What happens when your stomach does not keep up with all the fun that your taste buds are having? Your body refuses to digest all the fish and chaat and sweets and mother’s love and father’s pampering. And you fall sick. But you know what is the best part of falling sick at home? More love. I hate falling sick when I am all by myself in Gurgaon. I have to take care of myself, make soup, buy medicines, see the doctor, keep warm – it makes me sicker. I want to be smothered with love when I am sick. That is a luxury I get only when I am at home with mom, and I love it! My dad’s way of showing affection is by giving medicines and my mom’s way of showing affection is by making me eat and keeping me cozy – if this is not heaven then what is :D 

And in this way my long weekend has come to an end. I am glad this is going to be a short week for me. I have BIG plans to sleep all through the weekend!


  1. Totally! Nothing like being at home when sick! :D
    Get well soon! :)


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